Narcissist Hillary Wants To Lecture

Posted October 14th, 2017 by Iron Mike

She’s looking at the Commie Cesspool on the Hudson as a “Repository of her Official Records” and a forum where she can lecture at will….

Why aren’t her ‘records’ in the FBI evidence locker…?  We might as well get used to her ongoing delusions that “…she’s the rightful president…”.
Why do I suspect that somehow US Taxpayer money will pay her salary AND for her egotistical ‘Repository’…?  Are there still fools who believe in this sick evil old crook?

3 Responses to “Narcissist Hillary Wants To Lecture”

  1. Meat And Potatoes

    How does shit like this happen?

    How F-ed up are people in leadership positions like Columbia who are actually considering hiring her.. Why can’t she fade away?

    I suspect she and Bill will end up like Kissinger, Carter, Soros, et al and live to be in their hundreds thanks to cord blood and stem cells from aborted baby tub fetus parts.


    It ‘happens’ chiefly because highly-placed (and highly-PAID) guilt-ridden LibTurds really believe “it was Hillary’s turn,…she is the rightful president…”.

    So a seat at Columbia becomes her Participation Trophy!

  2. Mt Woman

    Well if Liz Warren was worth over 300 thousand six years ago for one course at Harvard, I would assume that Columbia will easily fork over a cool mil for this progressive liberal commie stateswomam with nothing to say but ME–ME–ME and I won the popular vote… I should be President

  3. Kojack

    Hillary Rotten is the perfect role model for the little commies at Columbia.