Nancy, Tell Us More About Paul Jr.

Posted October 4th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Nancy needs to come clean.  Is her “Impeachment Inquiry” just a smoke screen to cover her own son’s shady dealings in the Ukraine?  Did all the prominent Democrats send their kids to Kiev to dig for free gold?

Nancy, this doesn’t look good for a Georgetown lawyer who claims to be an EXPERT in Corporate Governance…. Care to explain?

Here’s proud mom Nancy – shilling for another of her son’s ventures – back in 2013.  It’s good for a young man to have the support of loving parents!

And it’s good to be flexible – to work with BOTH political parties.

So WHY would those Ukrainians reach all the way to San Francisco to get help from Paul Pelosi Jr.? 

BTW Nancy, is your only son (unmarried at 50) – by chance – gay?

5 Responses to “Nancy, Tell Us More About Paul Jr.”

  1. jim v morose

    Did Howie Carr mention that a Whitey-Buldger nephew was working with Hunter Biden… Biden, Buldger, Pelosi con-men-stooges… Oh the hypocrisy of it all.

    And now Chuck Schumers “…. don’t mess with the intellegence dept,..” comment highlights the D’s, R’s, Rhinos, & all things “swamp” pledge their allegiance to the DEEP STATE” certainly not the Constitution, their oath of office nor to we the people.

    Trump is our Churchill….. evil thrives in the swamp…. & the swamp monsters are now exposed it is up to us… it is time for us to shine the light of truth justice & the American way on all this corruption.


  2. panther 6

    The depth of corruption in D.C. that surrounds our politicians, and the Republicans skirts aren’t clean either, is totally out of control. My midget opinion is that the crime stems from the fact that so few of our politicians ever have to pay for their crimes and the fact that they stay in D.C. too long in the absence of term limits. One of these days folks are going to get mad.

  3. integrity 1st

    @ Jim, you forget Kerry’s son!!!

  4. Walter Knight

    democrats will scream that the Justice Department has been weaponized as grand jury indictments are brought.

  5. jim v morose

    Reminds me of a chump-line caller who ask:.. Can anybody arrest somebody in Wash-DC??