Nancy Pelosi Never Studied History

Posted December 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There is a remarkable parallel between the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 78 years ago,  and the Pelosi-led impeachment of President Trump.  Nancy may not like the outcome,  – any more than the Japs did.

Those who fail to study and UNDERSTAND History – are doomed to relive it!

In 1941 the Japanese Empire was really ruled by the Military.  They had a modern navy, much of their army was in Korea, Manchuria, and China – spread dangerously thin.  Their Zero fighter was fast, agile, and deadly,  – but had several significant flaws,  – which American pilots would learn to exploit.

Unseen to many,  their entire military was mostly TEETH,  with very little LOGISTICAL TAIL.  Their navy was entirely dependent on oil imported by tanker from Indonesia,  – and that would be at the mercy of the British, Dutch, French and American navies.

Japan could barely feed itself,  and needed a steady supply of rice from Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

LIKEWISE,  Pelosi’s Democrat Majority in the House is pretty thin,  and many of the Dems she is counting on just won office in 2018, – in districts Trump won in 2016.

WORSE,  the basis of her LIBERAL SUPPORT is on the East and West Coast.  Those states in the middle – the “Fly-Over Country” – are solid Trump supporters.

Pelosi is mistaking loud strident Hollywood voices for broad American support.  It ain’t so.


Japan – December 1941:

Desperate for reliable and continuous sources of OIL and FOOD,  the Japanese High Command undertook a huge gamble;  – one sudden massive knock-out blow at Pearl Harbor which would sink the entire American Pacific Fleet – at anchor….

It had worked for them against the Russians in 1904,  and they easily won that war.

They assumed the Americans – led by the cripple Roosevelt, – would sue for peace, – leaving the entire Western Pacific to them.

They had no back-up plan,  no plans to occupy the American mainland, – and not enough navy or army to do anything beyond the Philippines, French Indochina, and Indonesia.  Pearl Harbor was them gambling EVERYTHING on one roll of the dice.


Pelosi – December 2019:

Nancy and her most strident LibTurds have never gotten over Hillary losing what was a totally rigged election in 2016.  Every Trump MAGA Rally around the country infuriates them,  – as does his ruthless destruction of the Obama Bureaucracy and his stacking the lower courts with Conservative Judges.

Their globalist one-world dreams are being shredded daily,  even as their 401ks get fatter under the Trump Economy.

They’ve done their own polling,  – they KNOW that Trump will be reelected!  And in his 2nd Term he will likely replace Justice Ginsburg…and put Planned Parenthood out of business.

Their desperate gamble is IMPEACHMENT…

They’re hoping for one of three (3) outcomes:

  • Trump resigns, – leaving them with Mike Pence (who they underestimate). 
  • Trump is Convicted in the Senate and REMOVED; – leaving them with Mike Pence… 
  • Trump survives impeachment,  – but is so ‘dirtied’ in the process that a Democrat (any damned Democrat!) wins in 2020.

It’s pretty clear that the most visceral, volatile, and unhinged LibTurds have taken over the leadership of the Democrat Party.  Trump hatred and Trump derangement overcame common sense and political cunning back in November 2018.


Likely Outcome In Washington:

Between now and Christmas we are unlikely to see an awakening of Common Sense in the Democrat-controlled House.

Articles of Impeachment will be drafted,  debated briefly and perfunctorily,  – then passed with a minimal majority of Democrats, and of course the vengeful Chinese tool importer – Justin Amash.


Trump will use the Senate Trial to Expose and Destroy the Democrats!

He is likely to call as witnesses every dirty Democrat who has been making money in the Ukraine and Russia,  forcing them to testify UNDER OATH.

AND,  Trump may declassify everything that exposes the key players in the Obama-led Spy-Gate operation which failed to derail his 2016 campaign.

When combined with the DOJ IG finding and the criminal investigation now underway by US Attorney John Durham,  we may see high-profile Democrats in handcuffs.  The high-priced defense attorneys are salivating…

Instead of seeing Trump ‘dirtied beyond any hope of reelection’,  we may be about to see a rerun of Nixon’s 1972 reelection – a 49-state sweep.


The Japanese warlords made several horrible miscalculations in 1941.  They totally underestimated the resolve of the American People – and our industrial might.  They ignored that they were severely outnumbered,  and that the Americans had abundant resources, steel, – oil, – and food.

Their naval aviators failed to destroy the drydocks and the fuel stores at Pearl. The battleships they sunk were raised, modernized, fitted with radar, and ambushed and destroyed their fleet at the Battle of Surigao Strait (25 Oct 44).

They were unaware our CARRIERS were out at sea,  – so they failed to destroy our key combat power in the Pacific.  By September 1945 the US had 28 Fleet Carriers,  71 Escort Carriers,  and 232 submarines.

By October 1945, (46 months after Pearl Harbor),  – US Army, Navy and Marines were occupying Japan, – dating Japanese girls and war widows…



Having spent too much time as #3 in line for the White House,  Nancy has an exaggerated view of her own power.  She really thinks she can bring down Trump – and likely Mike Pence with him,  – and be elevated into the Oval Office herself.

It’s called being drunk on visions of grandeur….

It clouds her vision and her judgment,  – which combined with old age and bad dentures has left her in a parallel universe – detached from reality.


American patriots, Republicans, and Conservatives should take nothing for granted.  These are very dangerous times.  There will always be the Justin Amashs,  the Mitt Romneys,  and the Ben Sasses who will stab the voters in the back  – just like Democrats do.

Our Rights and our Freedoms are always JUST ONE ELECTION AWAY from being swallowed by the tyranny of globalism and socialism (communism).  Today, if things go badly in DC,  – we will be just as close to civil war as we were in December 1860.

America,  PLEASE don’t elect any more Historical Dunces to high office.  They are a constant danger to our Freedom and our SAFETY!

Remember Pearl Harbor!

3 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi Never Studied History”

  1. Varvara

    Thank you Mike. Not everyone, as you mention, knows history. I happen to be a WWII student. I read a lot of history and find that it is repeating again.

  2. Asusue

    Thanks, Mike. This is a wonderful history lesson.

  3. Kojack

    Excellent summary of what led up to Pearl Harbor, Mike. There is hardly any mention of the Japanese failure to destroy the drydocks, fuel supplies and other support apparatus so kudos to you. Hopefully a few of the indoctrinated and history deprived will read this and learn something.

    “It clouds her vision and her judgment, – which combined with old age and bad dentures has left her in a parallel universe – detached from reality.”

    I’m sure the over-dosing on BOTOX doesn’t help either.