Nancy Pelosi’s Revenge

Posted November 22nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

There was a time she probably thought she might become our first woman president.  She probably envisioned herself striding to the microphone brimming with self-assurance to calm a bereaved nation in it’s darkest hour.  She probably figured her statues and paintings would be on display for at least a thousand years.

But three weeks ago as the votes were counted, her dream vanished with the Democratic majority in the House.  Her private Air Force jet transport is going.  At best she can hang on as Minority Leader in the 112th Congress.

In her final days of power, she’s going to stick it up your ass!

First, she’ll try to push some version of a bill allowing gays to serve ‘openly’ in the military through this ‘Lame Duck’ session of Congress.

She could care less about our military, or about the gays who might then come out of the closet only to be tossed overboard from ships at night. Right now she’s worried about the angry gays on her home district.  They wanted action and she failed to deliver.  Now she will.

Then, she and Dirty Harry Reid in the Senate – soon to become Minority Leader himself, are going to pass a version of the DREAM Act.

They are well aware that this is overwhelmingly UNPOPULAR with mainstream America. That’s half the fun of ramming it through now.  The other half is that unlike ObamaCare which might be overturned in court or by the 112th Congress, once passed the DREAM Act is unlikely to be overturned or deemed unconstitutional.  Pelosi will have driven a huge wedge into the resistance to amnesty and Mexican Migration.

Our ten Democratic Lemmings from Sanctuary State Massachusetts will surely be voting with her. Over in the Senate John Ketchup Kerry will happily sign on.

For Massachusetts voters, only Scott Brown has any inclination of standing against this Democratic rip tide. You’ll have just a few days to help him stand firm against this attempt to start down the slippery slope.

The Dems will keep using the word ‘fairness’. Somehow it’s only ‘fair’ that kids who came here and ‘have been good students and good citizens’ should be allowed to stay and serve in the military or go to college – at in-state rates or on scholarships. [Tough shit that your kid didn’t get in. But after all, these kids were waiting.]

Whooa! First, they’re NOT ‘citizens’ – they are illegal aliens, the children of illegal aliens.  They and their parents should go back home and wait in line.

The other argument you’ll hear is ‘they’re here anyway – and in such great numbers we can’t possibly send them all home, – so this is the way to make the problem go away’.

Really?!?  You find termites, carpenter ants, and mice in your home, and rather than calling Orkin you declare them family members?

Expect Pelosi and the various members of La Raza and the Hispanic Caucus to be talking about a “win-win solution”.  They’re lying.  They win, – you lose.  So do your kids. Rewarding lawbreakers by granting amnesty and eventual citizenship, plus a cut-rate college education on your tax bill sends the wrong message.

It will also encourage a new tidal wave of illegals to come here.  Soon La Raza and Student Councils will be demanding Spanish speaking professors and textbooks – again at your expense.  All just another example of our domestic enemies using our own democratic processes to overload the system. But you already knew that.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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