NAACP Wants “Trayvon’s Law”

Posted August 3rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Because naming a law after a dead thug is SO important to racial advancement?
NAACP Trayvon
Because a ‘hallowed martyr’ will help fund-raising?  Because they need to prove they can still bully gutless mindless liberals in Congress?  How many inner city Black kids might such a law save – given the current Black-on-Black murder rate in Chicago?

Chicago505 murders in 2012 – most of the victims Black,…most of the shooters – Black.   Where was NAACP President Ben Jealous? 

Chicago 2013

  He was in Florida trying to stir up the lynching of George Zimmerman.Ben Jealous stirs the mob

That lynching failed. NAACP Website

Now he’s trying to repackage the dead drug thug as a martyr – and get a anti-police law passed in his name. WHY?Victim or Thug

Because – sadly, – the NAACP has lost focus – lost sight of the mission embedded in their name.

 Instead of advancing the lot and lives of ‘Colored People’ – they’ve become the overseers on the Democratic Inner-City Voter Plantation 

ObamaPhoneNow they have become masters at the politics and religion of victim-hood.

Advancement‘ now means a guaranteed government check – and an ObamaPhone’

WHEN during these past four (4) years have you heard Ben Jealous take Obama to task for rising Black Unemployment – now at 16%?  I haven’t heard a peep.

PantsWHEN have you heard Ben Jealous tell Black men to pull up their pants?


Ben doesn’t care!  As long as those donations and dues come in, – he’s got a cushy job!

The NAACP and in particular its leaders have done NOTHING to address teen motherhood, black street gangs, drug use and drug sales, school dropouts, or black-on-black crime.

 It’s as if they can’t see it – since they’re looking always at Capitol Hill.

After all, it’s far easier to bully white liberals into passing a counter-productive law – than it is to tell a 15-year old ghetto dweller to pull up his pants,  get back in school,  and try to become a productive citizen.   Productive citizens don’t stay on the plantation.

6 Responses to “NAACP Wants “Trayvon’s Law””

  1. Kojack

    The blacks on the dumbocrat plantation want to keep their garaunteed votes. Time to start the congressional white caucus, the NAAWP and the New KKK.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The Democrats have long assumed that all blacks will automatically vote for them. That’s part of the reason why they do their best to shut up black conservative leaders and don’t allow them to speak at their national convention. Can’t have the crabs get out of the bucket after all. Don’t want any of their delegates realizing that there is a bother way to think. No,no,no,no! Can’t have that!!!!!!

  3. Walter Knight

    Pull up your pants!

  4. Hawk1776

    The press choose to make an issue out of one murder out of approximately 14,500 that occurred in 2012. They tried to turn it into a race crime, which the jury rejected. Now they will try to turn it into a hate crime, which will be difficult to prove. Treyvon Martin turned out to be a lot less innocent than originally portrayed. Suspended from school twice; in possession of stolen property (but never charged). Photographed smoking pot. (Maybe that’s why Obama identifies with him). The entire episode was a made for TV event. They obviously want another martyr. Hopefully they won’t get one.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Hawk,…do you really believe the shooting of Trayvon was a ‘murder’?

    Or,…was it justified self-defense…?

  5. MC

    The black leaders know exactly what Trayvon was but they found that the main street media played along (as always) and they could generate mass amounts of money from this one incident. The mother, Alicia Stanley who Trayvon hadn’t lived with for years was crossing the country collecting money to line her pockets. What grieving mother would trademark slogans about her dead son for profit. Those two slogans “Justice for Trayvon” and “I Am Trayvon”.

    Has anyone considered that if the school officals had choosen to turn over Trayvon to the police with the stolen property on October 2011 and again when they caught him with pot in February 2012. He would have been in the “system” and this all most likely wouldn’t have happened.