N Korea taunts the US and the World

Posted April 5th, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

In defiance of orders from our President, N Korea launched a missile. So, what’s our response? Nothing. Perhaps we’ll put in a protest at the UN. We all know how effective that was in the past. Even so, China will stand behind N Korea and block any UN response. One might notice that N Korea didn’t do this while Bush was President, but waited for Pres Obama, to test his mettle. Any bets on the US doing anything? Sorry, I won’t take the odds.N Korea Launches Missile – What will you do?

One Response to “N Korea taunts the US and the World”

  1. Alison

    But have you not heard, Obama is going to rid the world of nuclear weapons? He’s going to launch himself out on the world wide stage and get everyone to agree…..both good and evil users of nuclear weapons……to give them all up because they are nasty and kill people and they pose a threat to us all. Hmmmm, sounds a bit like Obama himself, he poses a threat and I reckon he could be nasty, but as to whether he’s capable of killing anyone, well I guess time will tell.

    I’m sorry, but I nearly chocked on my coffee this morning when I saw what President Obama had said. Does he really believe his own idelogical spoutings. Is he really that nieve or, quite frankly stupid, to think that this could ever be possible. Does he really think that the ‘bad boys’ are going to negotiate with him, or anyone else for that matter, over this. This surely has to be Obama’s silliest statement so far.

    I have included a link to a piece in one of today’s British Newspapers by Janet Daley. I think you will enjoy it, although I suspect the final paragraph may have you weeping!!!!


    Alison – proud to love America even though she in not American