My Niki Tsongas Anti-Trump Email

Posted March 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

My Congresswoman – these past 9 years – is the third stupidest Congresswoman currently serving,  after Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee…. She’s a blithering disgrace.

Small wonder that the morning after what will likely be scored as the all-time greatest Presidential Address, – there was her pre-written email attempting to tear it apart.  That and the White KKK Capes last night were completely emblematic of the Democrat Party – confused, – leaderless,  and making itself irrelevant.

Don’t bother to ask: “…What was she thinking?”  She wasn’t,  never has,…just does what Pelosi tells her to.  And last night Pelosi was near comatose.  Tsongas didn’t have her ‘big sister’ to guide her every move…..

Understand that Tsongas is on the Armed Services Committee – gets the same intel briefings Trump does (just doesn’t understand them) so she has just spent 9 years focusing on her two pet issueslite-weight body armor for women,  and…rape in the military.

Folks, after 9 years in Congress – on the Armed Services Committee,  – so-called “lawyer” Niki Tsongas should be a walking encyclopedia on the difference between “crimes” and “War Crimes”…..but she hasn’t a clue.

She will tell you about her daddy who was “a survivor” of Pearl Harbor.  To Democrats like Tsongas,…everybody is a ‘victim’….and needs government help.

Her email referenced her discomfort with Trump’s plans:

President Trump continues to target and reject refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants because of what they believe or where they come from. We all recognize that those here illegally who have committed serious felonies do not belong in this country and should be sent home.  But the Trump Administration’s approach is both costly and counterproductive and goes against our nation’s core values.

Serious Felonies”…?

ISIS executes two captive Turkish soldiers by fire.

You mean atrocities and war crimes like these Niki….?

…should be sent home”…?

OMG,…why let them in in the first place?   What if it’s your gay daughter Niki – that they grab and throw off the Wang Tower in Lowell?

…goes against our nation’s core values”….

Jesus Christ you damn ninny,   read our Constitution!!   The Preamble will be enough for today – where the Founders wrote that we do ordain and establish the Constitution for ourselves and our posterity – – –

– – – NOT for the REST of the WORLD.

WE get to decide who gets in!

WHERE did you study about “our national values…”?

Like many Dems,….Ninny Niki wanted to make a statement last night by inviting a guest,….but she was afraid to invite an MS-13 Member or a Boko Haram child soldier,….so she chose Susan West Levine who is making a living treating patients in Lowell and billing ObamaCare.

Niki worries that any changes will effect Susan’s income stream,….and thus her campaign contributions….

2 Responses to “My Niki Tsongas Anti-Trump Email”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Nikki’s shawl looks more like a piece of cheap bedding to me, but I digress….

    There is one category of victim Tsongas, and most Democrats, don’t give a fat rat’s a$$ about and they are the victims of illegal, criminal aliens. They couldn’t give a shyte about those victims because they are not their constituancy.

    Democrats are so disorganized and so distraught now that the best they can do is wear white to show solidarity with the women’s rights movement and blue ribbons and buttons to support the ACLU. Really? The ACLU for crying out loud? What a racket they have. Sue the Country and everyone else and win or lose, Uncle Sam pays their costs. Brilliant business model. I wish I’d have done it…

    Last night, more people than ever watched President Trump’s address before Congress than watched any other presidential address. EVER. And more watched on Fox News than the others. (That’s gotta send a message…) Seventy-eight percent thought it was a good address. Fifty-eight percent of Democrats liked it. Van Jones, in his perverted little way, commented approvingly. Van Jones, for crying out loud! And all the Democrats in Congress could do is sit on their hands (Or was it their thumbs…?), most of the time, while others at times displayed their thumbs down. I’m willing to bet the turds doing the thumbs down routine (The ones I saw, anyway….) have no idea where the practice originated, that the opposable thumb is what separates us from primates, or that the word thumb even has the second letter of the alphabet in it! (I am now visualizing those thumbs down women, if they are reading this tome, counting on their other digits to determine which letter IS the second letter of the alphabet.)

    Please excuse my belligerence at this late hour, but in my advancing years, I find I have less and less patience with sheer stupidity…and having to pay for it!

    Last night, the Dems played to the crazies and and minorities in New York and California, but lost more votes from middle America big time….

  2. Claire Bonnafe

    Maybe they were making a statement. Time to pay tribute to deceased Senator KKK Bird? So despicable, member of Armed Service Committee and couldn’t stand and pay tribute to wife of fallen hero. I guess refugees and illegals are more important than brave American citizens?