My New Favorite Federal Judge

Posted October 1st, 2013 by Iron Mike

DC District Judge Amy Berman Jackson rules AGAINST  Eric Holder! Judge Jackson

Refuses to quash House subpoena for Fast & Furious documents and communication records – stuff Holder, Clinton and Obama want kept secret – because the 2000 guns smuggled into Mexico have killed upwards of 50,000 Mexicans – some drug cartel members – but mostly innocent civilians, and two US Border agents.

Jessie Jackson Jr to JAILDespite being an Obama appointee, – Judge Amy has already proven herself a worthy judge.

Just ask former Chicago Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr.   She sentenced him and his wife to jail for using campaign contributions for luxury personal expenses.

The JUST-us Department and Holder had filed a motion asking that Holder’s case be dismissed – based on ‘Executive Privilege’ – and the claim that harm could come to the country if documents were revealed.

Judge Amy doesn’t see it that way at all:

In the Court’s view, endorsing the proposition that the executive may assert an unreviewable right to withhold materials from the legislature would offend the Constitution more than undertaking to resolve the specific dispute that has been presented here.

Neither legal nor prudential considerations support the dismissal of this action, the defendant’s motion to dismiss the action will be denied.”

As a result of her ruling – Darrel Issa’s Contempt of Congress lawsuit against Holder will inch forward – maybe blooming again in time for the 2014 mid-term congressional elections.

If this is a little hard to follow, – remember that upon taking office – Obama, Clinton and Holder cooked up a scheme to allow guns bought in the American southwest by cartel members to ‘walk’ into Mexico.

They thought there would be enough killing that they’d have justification to re-issue the Clinton-era ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ – and begin the process of disarming American citizens.

As always happen when Democrats try to enact a law or implement a program in the field – they SCREWED IT UP!

Holder, Clinton, and Obama are all guilty of Conspiracy to Murder!

In this March 2009 MSNBC video – you can see the setup unfolding for the US to ‘do something about guns’ – without mentioning all the Democrats who use drugs…. You can bet the Hillary 2016 campaign will try to get this pulled, and MSNBC won’t mention the issue again…

SURPRISE TWIST:   Friday Oct 4th   Judge Amy grants DoJs request to suspend activity – saying that the House of Reps played a role in the Government Shutdown

6 Responses to “My New Favorite Federal Judge”

  1. Tom

    Will Holder, Obama and Clinton hide behind the government shutdown to avoid response to the judges ruling? They will be redoing their talking points for distribution to the talking heads and the usual suspects.

  2. Jim Gettens

    I’m sure that Holder, his DOJ lackeys, White House Counsel, and senior BATF*ckers have been pressing DELETE buttons and running SHREDDERS overtime.

  3. Varvara

    At last!

  4. MC

    I hope Issa has Judge Amy’s number on speed dial. What a “refreshing” change to see a Federal Judge who actually believes in the Constitution.

  5. Casey Chapman

    Eventually, Holder and his buddies will find some skeleton in her closet, and she will quietly resign to “spend more time with her family”.