My Memorial Day Musings

Posted May 27th, 2010 by Iron Mike

I have come to hate this weekend every year.  What happens – and what doesn’t – has become emblematic for our Republic’s disgraceful slide into materialism and socialist submission.  Each year the jarring realities of what I see against the memories I carry become sharper – more painful.  Some years I actually avoid the “festivities” so I won’t boil over in public. 

I grew up in small Hudson River towns, where almost every dad – and a number of moms – were WWII veterans, and the grandparents were WW I veterans.  The Korean war was raging at the time, and though war weary,  small-town America was patriotic and proud.  Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and the Fourth of July were each observed.  Everybody in town came out.

As kids we would wait respectfully through the speeches for the big moment – the Honor Guard of veterans firing the volleys in honor of the dead.  We’d wait itching for the second they marched off, then rush to claim our prizes – the empty shell casings – still warm and smelling of gunpowder. 

I can still see the eyes of one man gazing down at me.  It took years before I realized what I’d witnessed.  Missing most of his left forearm, he managed to hold his rifle up in the same 45º angle and still do his part to honor the fallen.  Older now myself than he was then, I know exactly what he was thinking: “would these kids scrambling for brass at his feet have what it takes to keep a proud nation free and strong?

I often thought of him through the years.  Sometimes when things were ugly I’d ask him “Sir, am I doing enough?  Am I doing it well enough?”

Today I know I did part of the job very well.  I’m proud of my years of soldiering.  To the extent that our chicken-livered politicians would let us – we fought well and faithfully to hold back Communism.  Vietnam, Cambodia, – I’m sorry my nation failed you.  I still see your faces.  All of you from the RFs to the PFs to the Hoc Bao, to the 1st and 3rd ARVN Division to the 1st ARVN Airborne – I still see your faces, and you still make me proud.

And to you “Americans” who turned your backs on them and on us – people like Jane #onda and John Ketchup Kerry – DAMN you to HELL forever for your treachery and your treason!

Others have said it well, – soldering is mostly some hard training, some putting up with inane orders, some stretches of sheer boredom, and them minutes, hours or weeks of sheer terror.  So it was with me.  I’d been a soldier for a long time before it was my turn to experience the terror.  As I’ve told you readers before, on my first mission I was so preoccupied with the technical part I was unaware I was under fire.  Two seasoned NCOs dispatched the danger, then ragged me about it for months.  Jolly, I still see your face.

It was over the battered besieged town of An Loc that I came to understand how suddenly death comes.  When we finally got on the ground I saw many more examples of how lethal modern weaponry is.  In the decades since I’ve wondered how many soldiers and airmen – and sailors,  found themselves standing before the Pearly Gates, their uniforms still smoking, and saying to each other “Holy shit, what the #uck was that?!?”  I have imagines Saint Peter telling them they just took a direct hit and showing them the instant replay.  Guys,  I still see your faces.

The America I live in today is three complete generations removed from the one I grew up in.  When I see the old one-armed veteran again I will have to apologize.

I did the citizenship part of the job poorly.  I ignored town elections and school board elections.  I let new-age socialist maggots creep into the body of my Young Republic through every unguarded portal.  They have spent sixty years eating the pride, the patriotism, and the common sense out of our school children and thus out of our voting public.  They have forcibly replaced our belief in God with the feces of secularism, while I stood dumbly by assuming that the Courts would overrule the stupidity.  Didn’t happen. 

I assumed Americans from coast to coast would stand up and defend our Constitution and our American customs and civic traditions.  I didn’t understand how totally they were being undermined – by our most “trusted” citizens – our school teachers and our elected leaders.

Then four years ago that I listened in silent rage while local socialist / gay-rights apostle State Rep [now State Senator] JamieBoy Eldridge told the kids marching in the Memorial Day Parade that we should be thankful because our Bill of Rights gives us Freedom From Religion”. 

It was an epiphany for me.  Suddenly I could see the face of our enemy within.  This swishing son of my son’s Kindergarten teacher, this “proud product” for the Acton School System, this graduate of Boston College Law School – was a leading foot-soldier in the army which is destroying us from within.  And there he was, flinging his socialist dung over of all things – our Memorial Day Parade.  In 2008 JamieBoy went to Denver to work for his MEssiah at the DNC. Lately he’s been pushing for the Transgender Bathroom Bill on Beacon Hill.  Jamie, may you rot in hell too! 

So this weekend our Undocumented Worker-in-Chief will vacation and fundraise in Chicago instead of laying a wreath at Arlington.  Just as well. Better another small Obamatrocity than a big public one.  We know where his patriotism lies – he said so in his book – he sides with the Muslims.  May he too rot in Hell.

Thinking back through history,  most wars and most battles were fought for conquest, not for Freedom.  That is why America – the USA – is so very exceptional.  Most of our wars and battles have been fought to gain or preserve freedom, first for ourselves, and then for others.

This nation which OBummer keeps apologizing for has freed MILLIONS of people from tyranny.  We have nothing to apologize for, – except abandoning allies like South Vietnam, and leaving the weak and helpless to fend for themselves, – like Cambodia. 

So today when I see youngsters growing up, – many in very liberal homes where they are being nurtured in very perverted versions of what America means and what our responsibilities are – to ourselves and to the world – I wonder if they’ll have what it takes to soldier when necessary, and be vigilant citizens all the time.

   /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “My Memorial Day Musings”

  1. Eccd

    Thank you for your service. I too grew up with the same memories as you. I still take my kids to Veterans Day ceremony on Acton common and to Memorial Day ceremonies.
    They complain, but I explain.
    I will be there again this Memorial Day.
    I will shake the hand of anyone in uniform and thank them for their service.
    We need to stand together to take our country back and show our children their way.

    God Bless.