My Letter To Mister Obama

Posted September 10th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Mister Obama,

I watched your speech last night.  I even took notes.

What I saw was a not-too-clever repackaging of the same old attempt at a socialist takeover.  It failed to rise to the level of rebranding.  How much do you pay your speechwriters?

What came through loud and clear was your continued arrogance toward mainstream America.  I for one am tired of having you lecture us. You are a man who NEVER earned an honest dime, – and you wouldn’t know how to now. You don’t have a clue about how to run this country, – and all the people who voted for you are beginning to see through your act.

Joe Wilson was right, – you lie!

From the surly scowl on your wife’s face,  – she wasn’t buying your shtick either.  Must have been a long ride home!   HA!  Better you than me Buddy!

Oh, and your follow-up email last night . . ? It sucked too! (I’m not your “friend”.)

Have a nice day. Try real hard not to do anything treasonous. You might try firing a few “Czars”.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “My Letter To Mister Obama”

  1. Les Carpenter III

    I think you nailed it Iron Mike!