My Favorite Tuesday Night Speakers

Posted August 28th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Artur Davis – Former Democratic Congresman from Alabama – seconded Obama’s nomination in 2008.  Now he’s a Republican calling for his ouster!  Ann Romney was gracious, strong, determined, and frankly – lovely.  NJ Gov Chris Christie was vintage Christie – cleaned up a tad for family viewing.

I loved the commercials that ran between speakers.  Mister Obama is going to hear from a LOT of people who built their own businesses.  See their speeches:

Artur Davis:  “Dreams meet Daybreak!”

Ann RomneyYou can trust Mitt – this man will not fail!”

Chris Christie:  “We’re going to choose respect over love!”

2 Responses to “My Favorite Tuesday Night Speakers”

  1. Tom

    It is reported that Obummer did not watch any of the speeches at last night’s RNC convention, but then again why would he want to hear the truth? It is far better that he remain in his Marxist socialist cocoon and continue his perpetual campaign to retain the hearts and minds of the moonbats.

  2. Sue

    I agree but also liked Mia Lobe and Nikki Haley.