“Must Watch” videos from CPAC 2012

Posted February 15th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

Many people have asked Mrs RR and me which were our favorite speakers from this year’s CPAC.  This will be time well-spent to watch any or all of these.

I’m going to list a few that we both thought were inspirational in both delivery and message.  The first is Daniel Hannan, Member of European Parliament.  His speech was riveting and a warning at the same time.  Next is Bobby Jindal.  His speech was notable for its pure conservative principles enacted in a traditionally blue state.  Then, Marco Rubio, a strong message for all, delivered in his very personable style.  Newt, because he lays out specific plans for what his adminstration would do right off the bat after inauguration.  Many candidates don’t get this specific.  Finally, Allen West.  His speech is inspiring and relevant to today’s events.  rr

Daniel Hannan

Bobby Jindal

Marco Rubio

Newt Gingrich

Allen West

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