Must See: D’Souza’s Death Of A Nation

Posted August 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Please take your Teenager and your Millennial to D’Souza’s new movie!

I saw it this afternoon – and it is totally worth your time and your money!  Please take your teenagers and young adult family members – they’ll learn the History the schools refused to teach….

CAUTION:  D’Souza is a master film maker – parts of this are rough,  – particularly if you yourself don’t know the real history.

D’Souza examines the roots of Fascism in great detail – painstaking detail – and if you don’t already know the ugly truth – be prepared to be shocked.

Needless to day,  – Democrats are outraged, and are already panning the film.  THEY sure don’t want thinking Americans to see it!

3 Responses to “Must See: D’Souza’s Death Of A Nation”

  1. Panther 6

    Dinesh is a patriot and a good man. I intend to go see it shortly. I admire his spunk and willingness to stand up for what he believes. His first two movies were great,,,I expect this one to be no less.

  2. Kojack

    I looked on Fandango and didn’t see it playing in any of the theatres I normally go to but I know it will show up in the one where I’ve seen his past movies in eventually.

    His movie “America” was extremely inspiring and enlightening. I learned a lot from it.

    If ever there was anyone who deserved a presidential pardon it is Dinesh.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    I bought the book this past Friday, then saw this post on Saturday. Strangely, I hadn’t seen any television advertising but googled around and to my surprise saw it playing in Rogue Island theaters, so my wife and I saw it last night. Whoa….the Dumocrats are really going to hate this one! Sadly, though, their followers are unlikely to see it and will only regurgitate liberturd talking points. (My nine-year-old niece said Trump was a racist and fascist. When asked where she learned that she said….Youtube!) I certainly hope Mr. Mueller doesn’t try to investigate and indict D’Souza for treason or Russian collusion or bank fraud or arranging golden showers or lying to someone….

    Not to boast, but for the past 20 or so years I’ve had a good friend and mentor in life and here at RRB, so I’ve (we’ve…?) learned a lot. Death of a Nation simply put some fine points and finishing touches on what this septagenarian already knew about the rise and fall of Nazism and Fascism, as well as the seminal and perpetuating relationship of the Democrat Party to their and racism’s existence in the United States. In accordance with Nazi and Fascist dogma, we have free speech as long as that speech conforms to that dogma. Disagree and face hostile and violent consequences. Simply watch the news video and ask “Who really is anti-fascist?”….

    Back to the book, though: Beware. The first twenty pages or so are page-turners!