Muslims Invading Europe – AGAIN!

Posted November 1st, 2015 by Iron Mike

You should be very frightened – by these hordes of military-age men,  – mostly unaccompanied – storming the borders of Europe.
Muslim Army invading Europe
Muslims have always wanted Europe – because it is lush and green compared to where they come from, – and because there were Christians and Jews to be killed.  Video below the fold:  

If you think ~ for even a moment ~ that Westerners should be able to coexist peacefully with these savages, – you haven’t studied history – or you are pathologically stupid, – i.e. – you’re a Democrat.

 Muslim Invaders

These invaders are not ‘refugees’ – they are an invading army intent on infiltration and conquest.

Europe is in grave danger!   France and England have nuclear weapons which could fall into the wrong hands.

These invaders have no intentions of ‘assimilating’ themselves;  – they’ve come to conquer  – the end result of the actions set in motion by bin Laden on 9/11.UBL

That attack on America was a recruiting drive,

  – now here come his recruits.

ANY ‘American politician’ who talks about bringing any of these animals here – is aiding and abetting the ENEMY!

In his last 14+ months in office – watch Obama try to shove this army of Muslim murderers upon us.   He’s already proven he cares nothing about protecting us from murdering Mexicans…

If you don’t own a good, reliable firearm,  – time to buy yourself one for Christmas – and lots of ammo too.

4 Responses to “Muslims Invading Europe – AGAIN!”

  1. Varvara

    They have no intentions of assimilating. They came with their i-phones, fancy, expensive sneakers, leather jackets, $100 haircuts and no family. They were told to cut their beards to pass. Have you seen the photo of a pile of razors and beards? They lie about their age, claiming to be 15 or 16 and you know they are in early 20s. They disappear in the night. Germany has ‘lost’ 2000 men that they can not find.

    If they don’t like the food they burn down the center. The percentage of rape has gone up 1,472% in Germany. The media will not mention this.

    I can go one several more paragraphs but that would make me even more angry. Are you angry or nervous yet?

  2. Tom Gilroy

    This is another of the untold stories of the MSM where they have abrogated their constitutional rights. They will be the first to die along with the sexual deviants, LGBT, in the Muslim culture, the Christians and the Jews. This is no red flag conspiratory fairy tale, this is happening all over central and Northern Europe, check their local press. There are stoning so, rapes, murders, rioting, thefts and all crimes conceivable. There are at least 100,000 + of these unvetted invaders coming to America, not like the song by Neil Diamond, but on the orders of the Immam that urges these jihadists on their deadly mission of conquest.

  3. Catherine

    Europe has committed slow suicide.

    Their only hope would be to go through the “refugees” and separate out women, girls, and boys under 12. The rest must be told “leave or die” and then sentence should be carried out: deportation to a muslim country (origin or another, I don’t care) or firing squad.

    But they no longer have the guts to defend their own lives. This is another known-but-denied side effect of the mental disease known as “liberalism” – societal loss of the understanding that sometimes you must FIGHT to survive.

    The croissant will be the only remnant of defiance against the invasion.

  4. Catherine

    And now Merkel is threatening other European countries that do not comply with her orders to accept the invaders.