Muslim Terrorists Shot Up San Bernardino

Posted December 3rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Sometime today Obama will again attempt to convince his stupid followers that Radical Islamic Terrorism played no part in the deaths of 14 people at a Christmas Party Wednesday in San Bernardino.
Obama No Parrallel
And the media [led by CBS] and his stupid followers will ignore the FACTS:  that Syed Rizwan Farook and his ‘wife’ Tashfeen Malik had a bomb factory in their home,  – and had been planning this massacre for weeks – if not for months.

Syed Rizwan Farook and his ‘wife’ Tashfeen Malik

History will end up recording that Obama was a Muslim Trojan Horse,  – the first totally anti-American person ever elected to the presidency.

There are still way too many “Americans” who still fervently believe in him and his evil work of destroying our nation.  They are domestic enemies – and you should vilify them in public to their faces.

Get a CLUE People: CAIR leader Hussam Ayloush

Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American–Islamic Relations [CAIR] in the LA area, who has been in touch with Farook’s family says “…they are as puzzled as the police by the motive for the mass shooting”.

Puzzled”? Really?

It’s called Jihad.

They left their 6-month old baby with Grandma that morning….

Folks, – given that the FBI – Obama’s FBI – is the lead agency in this massacre investigation now, – I fully expect many pertinent facts to be suppressed.

Obama doesn’t want to admit that there actually is

1. radical Islamic terrorism, or

2. that it is flourishing here in both home-grown and refugee versions.

This same Obama FBI is foot-dragging their email investigation of Hillary…. Draw your own conclusions…..

Remember the Tsarnaev brotherstheir whole obnoxious family – were “Muslim refugees from a war zone”

Kind of amazing how quickly CAIR leader Hussam Ayloush could locate Farhan Khan [brother of shooter Malik] for a press conference where they all pretend to be ‘shocked’.

CAIR Press Conference

OK Farhan, you didn’t know that little Sis was making bombs and learning to use an M-4 carbine…?

No parallel anywhere else in the World”?

It was just days ago Obama embarrassed us – and angered the European media when he made that same stupid anti-gun argument in Paris – after they just lost 130 souls to Islamic terrorists

Boko Haram victims

It is beyond time for Joe Biden to invoke the 25th Amendment:

…the President is unable to discharge
the powers and duties of his office.”

Folks, – yesterday was a victory for ISIS – or for Islamic Terrorism.  They struck a soft target – a Christmas Party – and shut down a city for a day…

And they got their Trojan Horse – Obama – to blame it all on ‘guns’….

That was as big a psychological victory as when Walter Cronkite declared “This war is lost” – even as we were winning it….

11 Responses to “Muslim Terrorists Shot Up San Bernardino”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    This is being whitewashed as we wait for the FBI and Obama to concoct a credible “Work Place Violence” story just like Ft. Hood. This is a political disaster for Obama and it’s always about him and his legacy. He will do anything to spin this terrorist attack, well planned and there are obviously more eating in the wings. The ease at which these two Islamic Terrorirs carried out their deed was frighteningly fast with professional hit an precision. The safety of the citizens of the United States is at stake, not by Climate Change, alas the pResident who like us to believe, but by Islamic, Jihadist a Terorists ready and willing to kill us.

  2. Kojack

    Obysmal knows exactly what he is doing. No longer concerned with political expediency he is giving cover to his fellow jihadis and will continue what appears to be madness until he is out of office. That is when something on the order of 9/11 will happen. Until then when you see a hajib, scraggely beard or star and crescent know that that is the ENEMY. There are no virtually peacefull muslims only jihadis in waiting.

  3. Hawk1776

    What’s needed is immigration control, not gun control.

  4. Jim Gettens

    CAIR is just the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood umbrella organization with paid, roll-out mouthpieces who always dribble the same asinine platitudes after IslamoFascists go on rampages.

    As for the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie DIPSHIT-IN-THE-WHITE HOUSE–more “Mush From The Wimp”(phrase originally used by the Boston Globe in 1980 to describe Jimmy Carter).

  5. KarenG

    RIGHT…this was not Islamic terrorism…it was just a “set back” – just a couple of newlyweds with pellet guns…

  6. Leo the Lion

    Time for the Obama Regime to blame it on the video again and incarcerate some poor innocent sap for a year.

    Here is the pertinent part of the text of an e-mail I wrote to my kids this morning:

    “Beloved family and friends:

    There was a time when responsible citizens like me were criticized wrongly for carrying [a concealed handgun]. The time has come when responsible citizens like you will be criticized rightly for not carrying one. See:

    Our Founders in bestowing upon us the Second Amendment, as always had it exactly right: A responsibly armed citizenry is the most reliable bulwark against foreign terrorism, domestic crime, and government tyranny.

    Everyman a rifleman.

    Advent Blessings,


  7. Cameron Carey

    A Republican solution will begin controls we’ve needed. What’s our plan?

  8. Catherine

    It is a truly pathetic day when *Joe Biden* is obviously hands-down more qualified for office than the current anti-American place holder. Joe may be too dumb to pour sand out of a boot (with directions written on the heel!) but even he detests this country less than o.

    A request for you, Iron Mike – please DO NOT refer to these killers as “shooters” — shooters are people competent with firearms who are practicing or engaged in some other lawful aspect of the sport. “Shooters to the line” we call during pistol matches. These dirtbag scum are KILLERS, not shooters. They are killers because they will kill with ANY item they can get their hands on to use: bombs, guns, tire irons, lye, bricks, bare hands. But they are NOT “shooters” please make note.

  9. Blossom Stiefel

    Obama will stop at nothing to leave the American people defenseless—that is his agenda. Whenever he speaks about caring for the American people by using gun control it is fake compassion, it is simply a smokescreen to make people believe that he has only the safety of Americans in mind. Nonsense, he is leaving us vulnerable with our open borders, our downgraded military, his welcome mat to terrorists, and a horrendous deal with Iran that will ensure that they have the capability to destroy the world.

    We must be just as determined to fight Obama as we are the terrorists. Demand that our leaders in Washington stop Obama’s radical refugee pipeline. Contact your representatives and Senators. Call them, write letters, help to educate more Americans about the danger that we all face. Wake up people, this Administration is playing with our country and our lives.

  10. Ralphie boy

    Obama will never admit to Islamist radical terrorist causes.

    Workplace violence? Yeah right.

    The ongoing investigation taking place in the apartment of Faruk and his wife Malik had several high powered weapons contained in their apartment was not your typical gun collector. As for CAIR, they are one of our enemies.

    When are “we the people” to begin to wake the Hell up?

    The Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives are silent. Tells me that they have no backbone to impeach this global warming phony leader in the White House.

    Wake the hell up people! If anything, we need more Legal gun owners to take the proper training and prepare to protect themselves. Slowly, this is happening.
    How many more Radical shootings will it take before Congress acts?

    The answer is, no action will be taken under this Administration. Stop electing establishment politicians.

  11. Jim Buba

    Well orchestrated, planned and executed.

    I may be slightly off, but the muzzies left the scene to return to the bomb-factory where they retrieved the remote control device that was to be used to detonate the explosives at the IRC when it was chock full of sheep and first responders.

    In times like this, the unspeakable will bring the desired result.