Muslim Savages Attack Again

Posted April 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

In their ongoing war of murder, conquest, and world domination, Muslim suicide bombers have attacked churches and hotels in Sri Lanka – killing 207 290 (so far) and wounding over 500.

This is precisely the result Osama bin Laden had hoped for with his 9/11 attacks – emboldening Muslims world-wide to start attacking Western and Christian targets.  And every time it happens, Muslims smile and remain silent.

Americans and Europeans need to understand that there really are no “Peaceful Muslims”.  There are those who are radicalized into killing, – and those who quietly tolerate and even applaud it.

When Muhammed came along in the 7th Century – all he did was take the vile behavior practiced routinely by the Arabs,  – and tell them it was OK – that Allah wanted them to keep doing it….

Today when Muslims are in the minority,  they lay low,  bide their time,  and have large families….

When they are in the majority – they begin to terrorize the locals,  – driving them out….

When they are in absolute control – even in the government,  – the locals are given just three (3) stark choices:  Convert,  – Pay the Jizya (Head Tax – to keep your head),  – or be Slaughtered.


These homicidal attacks have been going on for 1400 years – yet Christians and Jews don’t seem to learn that the danger is real.

The ONLY places they don’t occur is where governments keep them OUT,  – nations like Japan and Poland.

Here in America – Liberals and Democrats have taken the side of the Muslims, – welcoming them, – electing them to government (one as President), and telling the rest of us that we’re “racists” if we don’t go along….

CLUE: resisting Muslims is NOT RACISM!  Islam is not a ‘race’;  – it’s a cult of male domination – where women are worth (barely) of a man.

Resisting and ejecting Muslims is both BASIC SURVIVAL and Cultural Survival.

Try to grasp….you can be a peaceful, gentle, open-hearted Christian American – a lifelong Democrat,  – who goes peacefully to work one morning…..

…or maybe you take your wife or girlfriend out to a night club…

Remember the Pulse Night Club….?


Neither your Bible nor our Constitution were written to be suicide pacts.  Do you remember why Columbus had to sail West…?

Pray for the dead and wounded, – and ARM YOURSELF!

4 Responses to “Muslim Savages Attack Again”

  1. Varvara

    Don’t forget Mumbai.

  2. panther 6

    Oh dear, I thought this islam was a religion of peace?


    The “Religion of Pieces” Sir! Pieces, not Peace….

    They’ll cut you up, – blow you up, – burn you alive, – drown you, – anything evil and horrific – to scare others….

    That’s why they were called “Barbarian savages” – centuries before Muhammed was born….

  3. Kojack

    The police chief in Colombo got intel from a foreign intel service 10 days prior that something was going to happen but chose to ignore it….kinda like the FBI about the Tsarnaevs.

  4. Kojack

    The muslims will win in the end because there doesn’t seem to be the will to make the hard choices even among conservatives to do things like militarizing the border or deporting all the illegals and all of the 7th century barbarians.