Muslim Murder In Kenyan Mall

Posted September 21st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Amazing it hasn’t happened here – a terrorist attack inside a crowded mall.
Murder in Kenya
Westgate Mall in Nairobi Kenya – a nice place – became a target of Somali Islamists today – an al Qaeda linked group called al Shabaab  Hand grenades and AK47s – against shoppers; Muslims told to get out…

Murder in Kenya 2

Westgate Mall
 It’s only a matter of time,…this will come to America.   It may be here already.

QUESTION FOR MUSLIMS:  HOW is Allah pleased by the murder of innocents?

UPDATE:  Monday 23 Sept   The Mall Murders may be led by the “White Widow” – British schoolgirl – daughter of a British soldier – turned Islamic terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite. She married a British Muslim who became a suicide bus bomber on 7/7 – then she moved to Somalia to recruit female terrorists. She has let attacks on Brits before.White Widow
These mall murderers asked people to name Muhammad’s mother [Amina bint Whab].  When they couldn’t – they were shot.

6 Responses to “Muslim Murder In Kenyan Mall”

  1. Tom

    The “religion of peace” does it again. All Islamists are not terroists, but all terrorists are Islamists!

  2. Mark

    They don’t see “innocents” they see “infidels”.

  3. Charlie Chapman

    There are several passages, I’m guessing, in the Koran telling them to do stuff like this. Not with the modern technology we have today, but it is probably there.

  4. Casey Chapman

    I seem to recall, that Allah is quite the vengeful fellow.

  5. Walter Knight

    It’s World War III with the Islamists. We need to take the fight to them before they attack America in force.

    And, we need to hang the terrorists we have in custody. After World War II it only took three months to try and hang Nazis and Japanese responsible for atrocities. It’s been a 12 years since the 9-11 attacks, and captured planners (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others) still have not been tried and executed.

    As for Somalia, pirates should be used for target practice.

  6. craig

    These terrorists are extremely patient. No doubt these terrorists are honing their skills overseas with attacks on schools, malls, and apartment buildings in preperation for co-ordinated attacks or lone wolf attacks in the US. With our pourous southern border, terrorists can bring in firearms, rpg’s, and grenades into our Country to use against our “Gun Free” targets !!