Muslim Migrants Occupy French Airport

Posted May 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There is a terrible price to be paid when a nation fails to control who comes into the country.  It can suddenly be too late….

It seems the illegal Muslims in France are jealous of all the attention the Yellow Vests are getting…. video

This is likely to get slowly worse in weeks to come, – although they’ll likely shift targets to keep the police off balance.

Ask any Democrat….if this was happening here – at Dulles, – would it be a problem?  How about at LAX?

Longer video – 8 minutes….

3 Responses to “Muslim Migrants Occupy French Airport”

  1. Kojack

    Nothing new here…just ungrateful muslims being ungrateful muslims. The REAL question is after they have taken over completely, will they use knives to pro-long the suffering of the indigenous French or will they adopt some of the local culture in the name of efficiency and resurrect the guillotine?!?!?


    As they always have, kill most of the men, castrate and enslave the ones they need, – and turn all the women into concubines.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    What? No looting? That’s a surprise….

    I was in Paris in September. Stepped out of Gare du Nord just in time to see thousands of people (thousands…..) marching in the streets and jamming sidewalks, protesting what my limited French (the real kind….) told me was taxation, saving the planet, and inviting Macron to perform unnatural acts on himself.

    Funny thing, though. Inside the train station on this day were lots of well-armed French soldiers, well-spaced in Ranger File, patrolling both sides of the corridors.

    Yet today, inside Charles DeGaulle, no soldiers, and the police were armed with what: Walkie-talkies and Mace?

    Ammo up, America. Coming soon to an area near you….

  3. Patricia

    More Muslims causing more problems. When is Europe going to wake up and start fighting back. These people should have been shot on sight.