Muslim Belgium

Posted March 18th, 2012 by Iron Mike

This SHOULD scare you.  The USA is only a few decades away.

Think about this the next time you see one of those stupid bumper stickers:
   h/t Bob Parks – B&R

One Response to “Muslim Belgium”


    I too saw this video and thought to tell ironmike. Glad he has done this. Besides Belgium you might take a look at Malmo, Sweden. There are areas where police and fire do not go. Namely in the Rosengard area, where riots are common.

    Also, Paris, France, where no Jewish person or woman would walk and police do not go. And, of course, praying in the street. There are many photos of 2,000+ men praying and blocking off the area so they may say their prayers. There is ‘private’ security all along the streets to stop people from walking while prayers are said.

    And then there is Norway………… Rapes are very common. It has been determined that 80% of this crime are done by immigrants.

    Do you hear of this on TV or newspapers? No, just a few brave journalists and writers try to get this info out.