Muffy Wants A Title?

Posted April 2nd, 2012 by Iron Mike

W-h-e-r-e have you been Muffy?

The ‘quiet loser’, – former LtGov Kerry ‘Muffy’ Healey, suddenly emerges from her self-imposed 5-year exile.

She wants to replace National Party-Girl Jody ‘buy-me-a-drink’ Dow as our new MassGOP National Committeewoman.

With an air of expectation we’ve come to expect from the Romney Cartel, she EXPECTS to be elected Thursday night in Newton!

Let’s briefly examine her SPECIAL qualifications to ride the bandwagon:

– BA Harvard, PhD PolySci Trinity College, Dublin [Ireland was going bankrupt then]

– wife and mother

– former Chair MassGOP [briefly]

– unsuccessful Mass House candidate ’98

Romney’s LtGov Jan 03 – Jan 07

– unsuccessful candidate for Governor 2006 [clumsy attack ads against Chris Gabrieli and Deval Patrick.

– worked on women’s justice issues for the State Department

– teaches at Harvard. [so does Lizzy Warren]

– husband Sean [CEO-AMG] moved to Florida – $17 Million oceanfront home in Palm Beach. Couple keeping homes in Mass and Vermont.


Where’s the grunt work done by Muffy for Massachusetts Republican candidates in 2008, 2010, 2012? Who has Muffy helped get into office?  What issues and causes has she championed here in Massachusetts?

I can think of ONLY ONE!  She joined with 3 other notorious RiNOs to endorse FAKE REPUBLICAN candidate Elizabeth Childs.

How was THAT move calculated to help get Scott Brown re-elected, given how many conservatives and TEA Party folks his votes have ALREADY pissed off?

Somebody help me understand; – exactly how does pushing into prominence yet ANOTHER rich ‘upper-crust’ fat-cat aristocrat help ANY of our statewide Republican candidates get elected?

HOW do we attract working-class blue-collar voters to our party with a national representative who owns THREE HOMES – one a $17 MILLION Palm Beach mansion? Am I the only one who sees the disconnect?

We mock Lurch for keeping his $7 Million New Zealand-made yacht Isabel in Rhode Island to avoid Mass property taxes.

Jeez, what are they going to say about Muffy’s $17 Million home in tax-free Florida?

Bad enough that we have to run against JPK3 – who’s dad works for Hugo Chavez, while we still have Chocolate Pants – who ALSO works for Hugo Chavez!

No damned wonder so many skeptics say there is virtually NO DIFFERENCE between Republicans and Democrats. High-handed high-rolling RiNOs like Dow, Kaufman, Maginn, Kangas, Nassour, Blute, Torky, and now Muffy all live up to the stereotype.

As Bob Parks said ‘the MassGOP is a self-inflicted wound!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

March of the RiNOs

3 Responses to “Muffy Wants A Title?”

  1. Jim Buba

    She does have a nicer smile.


    Do Healey and Warren know each other? Hummm, I wonder. Both tall, slim and wealthy. Good for getting elected.

  3. Jim DuPont

    Mike – It takes a lot of money to be a National Committee member; more to the point, the role of the National Committee is to establish the rules and framework for the national party nominating process for the next presidential election cycle; the position, in fact, has little if any involvement in any state-wide race anywhere in the country – nor should it – stop looking for the cavalry to ride into town and drive the bad guys with black hats out!

    As for her credentials, I see them as very, very respectible and show that she clearly can achieve at a high rate of excellence in a highly competitive and, perhaps hostile environment.

    And don’t take this the wrong way, but, tell me – when has anyone ever said, ‘Hey, the Republicans with their million dollar homes in other states make me even more inclined to vote for a hard working, lunch pail Democrat – like Ted Kennedy or Deval Patrick or Patrick Kennedy or…’ See my point?

    I for one thought we were the party that extolled the virtues of those who succeeded in life and were thereby able to afford a higher statndard of living and, by contrast, it was the Democrats that extolled the pride and humanity of those who toiled at the other end of the economic ladder, like, say the $100K+ a year gubernatorial appointees in every state agency you care to name…

    Mike, get a grip, being rich isn’t something this party should apologize for any more than it should take pride in failing to convey the message that personal responsibility and discipline are what will enable one to succeed in life – not government give-aways and sinecue jobs at state colleges, state agencies, and legislative committees funded at taxpayer expense. By that token, when are you – or any one in the party – going to start shooting some arrows at the Demmies?

    I really have to ask one thing – why me, Lord? What have I ever done?