Mueller’s STAR Witness: Clinton’s Party Pal!

Posted March 13th, 2018 by Iron Mike

In Mueller’s (the Deep State’s) never-ending quest to prove a Russian / Foreign collusion reason why Hillary lost,…Mueller has discovered Lebanese businessman George Nadar.
Mueller must have been so excited to find a ‘cooperating witness’ he forgot to check the dude out – like his 1985 arrest for child pornography, – or his partying with Bill Clinton last year on a remote Dominican Republic party island.

So the latest story line we’re being asked to believe is that Nadar was a ‘key guy’ in setting up a back-channel communications link from the Trump Campaign to Russia – by way of the United Arab Emirates….

CNN:  “A Middle East specialist with ties to Donald Trump’s team attended secret meetings during the presidential transition between the United Arab Emirates and Trump associates,  and is now cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller,  two people familiar with the matter say.”

Sure makes a Special Counsel’s job a LOT EASIER when he has both a ‘cooperating witness’ AND – a couple of cooperating networks…

Forgive me Mister Mueller,  but if after a year you STILL haven’t found even a single smoking Kalashnikov,  maybe it’s time to report to the American People that Hillary lost because as both a person and a political candidate – SHE SUCKS,  – and real Americans hate her guts!

BTW Mister Mueller,  do you remember why Abraham Lincoln won his election in 1860?

Like Trump, a whole lot of folks were against him too,  – and couldn’t understand how he got elected.  Like 2017, they had a real problem accepting his victory in 1861.  In fact – they started a war over it.   You ~ might ~ want to look it up!

And yes Dear Readers,  I stuck that AK-47 in there gratuitously to trigger all the various Cambridge snowflakes and fairies who haunt this blog.

2 Responses to “Mueller’s STAR Witness: Clinton’s Party Pal!”

  1. Vicki

    Great article

  2. Panther 6

    One day Billy Boy will get his due, somehow, somewhere he will be caught by the camera and his SS detail will not be able to protect him. He truly has no shame. Maybe one day Hillary will up and divorce him,,,no such luck.