Mueller Flings The Dogs Another Bone

Posted May 29th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The narcissistic dirty cop who is resigning today came looking for a last hurrah of fame and limelight,  – a final chance to place his dirty thumbprint on the Trump Presidency.

He’s had weeks to plan and rehearse his words, picking words to fuel the fires of the Impeachment Party – while appearing to have clean hands. “…if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, – we would have said so.”
What he SHOULD have said – if he were an honest man is: “If we’d found a shred of evidence – any evidence – that the President committed a crime – we would have reported it.  We found nothing!” video:

Mueller ends his statement with a veiled threat not to testify before Congress,  and a statement the even if compelled to testify – he would say nothing beyond what is written in the Report.

Why doesn’t he want to testify…?

Simple!  Republicans would hammer him on WHY it took 2½ years, – when he’d learned early on that nobody in the Trump Campaign had done anything wrong.

If Mueller ever has to testify UNDER OATH,  a lot of his evil doings will be revealed.  So while he tossed today’s dog biscuit to the Impeachment Dems,  – he actually gave them NOTHING they can use…   But they’ll keep stirring the pot.

What YOU should know is that there is a legal standard that HONEST Cops and HONEST Prosecutors adhere to….

If you don’t have the EVIDENCE that a crime has been committed,  – or you don’t have the EVIDENCE needed to convict,  – then you don’t arrest and you don’t charge,  – and you don’t leak or imply by sleight-of-hand that somebody not being charged is really guilty.

Only DIRTY COPS do that….like just happened.

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  1. Vince

    Dirty cop…. Dirty FBI…..Dirty Democrat Party….