MSNBC Airs Treasonous Interview

Posted October 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It ~ may be ~ that once upon a time Florida political operative Rick Wilson was a level-headed Republican;  – but no longer.   He is as far off the DEEP END as is Cesar Sayoc.   But MSNBC gave his treasonous remarks air time.

The video is short – but shocking:

Because he is so outspokenly anti-Trump,  Rick Wilson is getting a lot of print an air time these days.  It is a clear testament to the anti-Trump hatred seething at our major networks and print media houses.

And for the RECORD,  anybody who speaks like THIS – is NOT A REPUBLICAN!

The sad truth is that to feed the frenzy of their shrinking audience of left-wing Trump-hating viewers,  – the networks are catering to the lunatic fringe; – and so long as it is only their “guests” who violate the law,  – they think they’re off the hook.

One Response to “MSNBC Airs Treasonous Interview”

  1. Panther 6

    Well hello, makes me ashamed to say I am a fellow Floridian. Sure hope the Secret Service is in this troop’s knickers big time. What a dumb thing to say.