Mr and Mrs RR, O:WS and the AFL-CIO – What Fun!

Posted February 7th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

In a couple of days Mrs. RR and I will be boarding a train to the nation’s capital for our annual pilgrimage to CPAC.

Other years there was the odd person or so handing out newspapers from the Socialist Workers Party in the lobby of the hotel, but not such organized and planned mayhem.

This year is different.  That fun-loving yet rabble-rousing band of loonies known as Occupy: Wall Street (did they not notice that Wall Street is in NYC, not DC?), funded by their union thug friends from the AFL-CIO, SEIU, National Nurses United, the Metro Labor Council, and OurDC will be there in force. “Force” being the operative word.  If you believe what you read from their propaganda, they will be there to pull fire alarms, harass those attending and try to disrupt the conference.  (Need I point out that our conference has the proper credentials, permissions, and we’re paying our own way?)  (Update:

So, what will we see?  I suspect that relatively few will show up.  But the media will be there in equal numbers to make sure it looks like they have a lot of supporters.  Those that do show up will have pre-printed signs (all with the proper union designation in the lower right corner).  They will chant mindless slogans.  They won’t have a coordinated view on what they want.  They will, in fact, be clueless.  But they’ll get attention.

I intend to post blog entries from the hotel during the day and into the evening based on what we see first-hand.  I’ll take my camera to try to catch these “Americans” in the act of breaking the law.

Well, I can’t wait.  I wonder if the DC police will protect us.  They’ll have to cross the picket lines to do so.  I wonder if the union hotel workers will walk out in support of their brothers and sisters. Will we be able to get meals at the hotel?  What about our turn-down service?  And valet parking?  It may turn out to be like a camping trip after all. rr



2 Responses to “Mr and Mrs RR, O:WS and the AFL-CIO – What Fun!”

  1. Flick

    Can’t believe it’s been a year already! We enjoyed a great evening with you and Ms. rr. Can’t wait for the play-by-play!

    Oh, and maybe you should stop by the CVS before you leave and pick up some Andes mints for your pillows! Some Helps, also…

  2. Rabid Republican

    Helps… and Choward’s scented gum? I’m thinking that it’ll be an interesting potential clash between OWS and the presence of at least 3 presidential candidates at the same location (shunning using the word venue).