Mount Agung Checkmates Your Prius!

Posted November 26th, 2017 by Iron Mike

So you bought a Prius to save the planet?  And maybe just a little to show off how environmentally conscientious you are…?

Sorry,  but down in the Java Sea – you’ve just been checkmated!

Saving Mother Earth is HER business,   – not yours!

An ancient volcano with a history of eruptions predating modern man is erupting again,  – throwing more ash and CO2 into the air than all the cars in America.  The cloud has reached 10,000 feet – halting airline service in the region.

Your little expensive vanity toy has just been negated!  Nice try! 

But,  aren’t you glad we have auto emissions laws and a whole new inspection system in Assachusetts – with 24x7x365 video monitoring?

Our air must be so much cleanerthanks to our LAWS!  

Go step outside and enjoy a whiff or two – before Agung’s ash cloud reaches us!

Hey,…maybe MassHoles can get Senator JamieBoy to introduce a NEW LAW to stop volcanoes…?

A week later everything is covered with thick soot….


2 Responses to “Mount Agung Checkmates Your Prius!”

  1. FLICK

    Bush’s fault.

  2. Catherine

    JamieBoy would prefer simply to declare the volcanic ash “undocumented alien ash,” grant it favored status, then tell all of US that we should go live under a rock to cut our own carbon emissions, to accommodate the “needs” of this disadvantaged, third-world volcano.


    As funny as that is Ma’am, – it is dangerously close to the TRUTH!