Mother Nature Explains Global Warming

Posted May 29th, 2021 by Iron Mike

You’ll have to speak Italian to understand the full meaning of her lecture….
Etna is an ancient volcano – which in her current cycle has erupted 4 times in 6 days.  How many electric cars will be needed to zero out her effects?

Guess what?  There are some 26 volcanoes erupting around the globe – with another 17+ threatening to start.

Democrats and other kooks who think your large SUV and your home air conditioning units are “killing the Planet” – are simply full of shit.

They didn’t take enough basic science in high school.

The warming and cooling cycles of Mother Earth have a lot to do with the pulsing of the Sun – and the variations of our orbit around it.

The shape and distances of our orbit around the Sun are affected by our moon,  – and by other planets.  Did anybody tell you that our moon is slowly moving away from us….?

The worst known cooling cycles produced the various Ice Ages,  and those resulted in the lowering of sea levels – – AND thus the wandering of humans across land bridges which have long since reflooded with the melted ice.

Italy sits astride a very active volcano zone.  Two (2) – Stromboli and Etna are erupting now.

BUT,…if you’re a True Believer in Global Warming,  – by all means buy an Electric Car.   The slaves digging up the rare minerals for the batteries need your business.

Enjoy a little Irony?  As I post this entry – my TV set is barking that today was the coldest May 29th – since 1917 ( over 100 years!). 

THINK PEOPLE:   W-H-O is getting RICH by selling this Global Warming hoax?   Does Mother Nature give a damn?

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