Mossberg Abandoning Connecticut

Posted July 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Barely a year after denying that they were even thinking about it, – Mossberg is accepting Governor Rick Perry’s invitation to “Come on down!”Mossberg Perry Malloy

The liberal fear-fueled over-reaction to the madness of Adam Lanza’s spree killing at Sandy Hook is moving yet another gun manufacturer – and their jobs and tax $$$ – OUT of New England.

Fear-filled liberals protesting guns in CT

Liberals [essentially insane themselves] were unwilling to accept that the Sandy Hook killing was done by an insane young man. “No way – his mother was a teacher!”

So of course the villains were GUNS! Big black SCARY guns, – and anybody who makes, sells or owns one. 

They DEMANDED that guns be outlawed – or nearly outlawed.

Left Wing Governors

“Nobody needs an assault rifle to hunt a deer!”  said the liberal governors – who all have armed bodyguards.

Malloy signs anti-gun law

Suddenly law-abiding LEGAL gun owners were turned into criminals – for not registering their LEGAL weapons.

The atmosphere of FEAR and GOVERNMENT INSANITY has prompted America’s largest maker of shotguns to move production to Texas. I’m guessing corporate offices will soon follow.

Funny how liberals forget Joe Biden’s advice: “Buy a shotgun!”

Well, maybe Governor Malloy can house lots of illegal immigrants in the empty buildings?

How long before Smith & Wesson departs Springfield, and Colt departs Hartford?

Next time the South secedes, – they’ll have all the gun manufacturers!

5 Responses to “Mossberg Abandoning Connecticut”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    These anti gun anti Constitution states, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York seem to be willing to pay the price of lost jobs, increased unemployment and loss tax revenue, while Texas and Alabama are reaping the benefits.

    For some reason, many of the gun manufactures, particularly Sig Sauer, in Exeter, New Hampshire is laying off employes after the buying surge that took place after Sandy Hook and the threats of more unconstitutional gun legislation at the federal level even while there is alway the threat of Obama using his pen for an Executive Order that could alter or suspend our Second Amendmend Right. As the Spartan Warrior King Leonidis said to the Persian Xerxces, ????? ????.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I don’t blame the gun manufacturers for moving. Texas is the friendliest state for businesses. The problem for us is, if ALL of them move to Texas, jobs move there, too.

  3. Mark

    I will be leaving as soon as I can. Fuck this state.

  4. Kojack

    Notice how Molloy did NOTHING when Devalue Patrick’s DSS KIDNAPPED Justina Pelletier, a CT resident, in a show of solidarity with a fellow Marxist while at the same time you just can’t be too tough on law abiding gun owners.

  5. Casey Chapman

    Trying to make us feel guilty for beating Japan is a losing proposition. Two years ago the WW2 weekend in Allentown PA hosted a book signing for one of the Enola Gay’s crewmen-and the line to get his autograph numbered several hundreds.

    My Dad was a sailor in the South Pacific- his ship was scheduled to carry ammunition for the invasion of Japan. Would he push the button again? “No, he insists, we’re friends with them now. But given the same circumstances, I’d volunteer to help drop one one on them myself.”

    The blame-mongers haven’t convinced the survivors of the war generation- nor their children. They might as well give it up-or go to Japan every year looking for somebody to join their pity Party. Even the Japanese don’t buy it!