Morsi’s Downfall: Will Obama Learn?

Posted July 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Maybe the better question: – CAN HE?
Lesson for Obama

On our 237th National Birthday – we are a mighty nation – founded by self-reliant God-fearing people who were led by brave reverend patriotic heroes.

Today we’ve become a nation of brainwashed government-dependent class-divided subservient Kool-Aid drinkers led by a cartel of godless socialist elitists.

It took just 14 months for the people of Egypt to awaken to the fact they’d been hoodwinked, – their peaceful revolution against Mubarak stolen by the Muslim Brotherhood.

But Americans did not awaken after 4 yearsThe fraudulent schemer was re-elected – even after ObamaCare, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Cash for Clunkers, and the Wall Street bailouts.

It took three days of crowds exceeding 1 million people in the streets of Cairo – to trigger the Egyptian Army into action.  To preclude the bloodshed which was brewing – if the armed Muslim Brotherhood gangs had to defend Morsi from the mob, – they stepped in and removed him.  For the moment, – the crowd is jubilant.



At the most local level – that the average young Egyptian does not want to be led into another losing war with Israel – and does not want to live under a fundamentalist caliphate.  In 2012 they revolted for FREEDOM and JOBS – not for Islam in it’s darkest and most evil form.

Unhappy Eyes

That in most countries, armies are drawn from the people – and are reluctant to side with dictators against them.  Even Egypt – which has NEVER had real Democracy – the ideals of serving the People are stronger than loyalty to an individual leader.

Hitler knew this – and had the Army pledge loyalty to him personally. That will never happen here,  and our military has come to thoroughly despise Obama.

American ideals of ‘equal opportunity’ still rub Muslim peoples the wrong way. It’s best if you don’t send female or gay ambassadors to Muslim countries.  It does not further American interests, – and it fosters unneeded resentment.

Hire your help – cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, and close advisors – based on their expertise and their willingness to be unflinchingly truthful with you.

You hired socialist suck-ups – willing, – even eager to commit wholesale violations of our Constitution to enact and encode your world-socialist anti-colonial vision.  Please study how that technique worked for Morsi.

Choose trustworthy allies and stop pissing off our friends.

Britain has been our friend through WWI, WWII, the Cold War, Korea and Desert Storm.  Stop pissing them off.  Stop insulting them. 

Israel is our only real and proven friend in the entire Middle East.  Stop trying to undermine them.

Islam in general, and the fundamentalists in particular – are our sworn enemy.  Treat them as such.

Stop believing that your ‘special personality‘ can bridge 1400 years of bloodshed and hatred.  Benghazi and the Boston Marathon bombing were your wake-up calls Idiot; – the ‘War on Terror’ was misnamed – but it’s hardly over!

Like the Egyptians, – we Americans want FREEDOM and JOBSYour socialist crap isn’t cutting it.  Your god-damned ObamaCare is driving jobs overseas and driving people into government dependence.  KILL THE BILL!

We also want to live in a nation of just laws. Seal our Southern Border. No amnesty for illegals – at least until the flow of illegals has STOPPED!

Stop appointing left-wing agenda zealots to the courts.

Fire Holder, Napolitano, Arne Duncan, Sebelius, and that obnoxious twerp – Jay Carney.  Your White House needs a housecleaning.

Start acting – better yetstart thinking – like a president.  You’re not a king, – and frankly you are the unchallenged worst president this Young Republic has ever had.

Suggest you pull you socialist head out of your socialist ass – before there are a million angry patriots gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue. Moosechelle

I’m pretty sure you won’t like house arrest – you’d be cooped up with Moosechelle for months.


Morsi gets 20 years


6 Responses to “Morsi’s Downfall: Will Obama Learn?”

  1. Flick

    It hasn’t happened in 4.8 years here, too many takers not wanting to jeopardize those golden eggs.

    We’re doomed…

  2. Casey Chapman

    He also needs to get ALL of the Muslim Brotherhood members and the communists out of his whitehouse. They are undermining our country. A quick fix for the lousy deficit needs to include the firing of all of the czars, repeal Obama care, end the IRS and the Federal Reserve, and get rid of the Dept of Education, which has done NOTHING for the education of our children. Obama is crying about Morsi’s ouster, because they were butt buddies.

  3. Kojack

    Obysmal HATES America. His intention from the beginning was to damage her and her allies as much as possible and render her broken, powerless and insignificant. In this respect he has been extremely successful.

    The problem isn’t with Barry Sotero, it is with those TRAITORS who aid and abet him. That includes the lame stream media, most of the faculty of most colleges, Hollywierd, most public employee unions(especially the NEA), all DUMBOCRAT and RiNO politicians, all of the low info voters(LIVs), etc. Collectively they now outnumber us.

    The GOP may win again once or twice but that will not stop our slide toward Marxism. To take this country back now will require nothing less than a brutal Pinochet-type coup/insurrection with severe penalties meted out to those responsible. Otherwise be prepared to watch the U.S.A. we grew up in go the way of the Roman Empire.

  4. Walter Knight

    Egypt just wants to be free. It is in America’s interests to support freedom in the Middle East. Iraq is free. Libya got rid of its crazy dictator. Syria is next.

    Arabs are not just primitives that should be encouraged to kill each other off. There is a large silent majority that just wants to be free. We have allies in the Middle East, we just need to support them, something I don’t trust Obama to do.

    No matter. By now Arabs realize help is not coming. Groups like the Free Syrian Army will fight Assad’s planes and tanks with small arms they have, and can take. And in Egypt, they got a taste of what the Muslim Brotherhood wanted to do to their country. The Muslim Brotherhood has been exposed, there is no returning to it.

  5. Walter Knight

    Obama wanted Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to sweep across the Middle East. Watch. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood failed and Morsi is gone, Obama will take credit for removing him.

  6. Victor

    I thought Nasser was democratically elected but I might be wrong.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Do your research – Nasser was elected under a one-party system which excluded both Communists and the MB. As Americans we shouldn't care too much how rulers come to power – so long as they rule peacefully and align themselves generally with our interests. Nasser was a pan-Arabist activist – a key trouble-maker from Syria to Iraq to Yemen. In his wars with Israel – he caused a lot of blood to be spilled.