More Terrorist Outreach Please!

Posted September 28th, 2010 by Iron Mike

There is a string of letters I ~ could ~ type that would let you how badly I’m swearing.  Just consider it done.  In the never-ending program of weakening our defenses and ruining the morale of our defenders, the administration of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. has just waltzed a known terrorism suspect through our National Counterterrorism Center at Quantico, Virginia.

Say Cheese!

One of the folks who got the tour is Sheikh Kifah Mustapha, [dark blue suit 3rd from left]  a Muslim religious leader from the Chicago area who is linked with the Hamas group Holy Land Foundation – a designated terrorist group

"Chaplain" Mustapha

Mustapha was briefly named a chaplain of the Illinois State Police, until outrage and outcry forced the state police to revoke his appointment

Chicago, – that ring a bell with anybody?

Here’s my take on it folks.  Drip-by-drip, drop-by-drop, and stupidity-by-stupidity they are dumbing down your sense of outrage and your sense of alarm until you just shrug when the Obama Cartel gets in bed with Islamic terrorist organizations.  You’ve already watched Obama fling Israel under the bus, while just pretending to be concerned at Iran’s growing nuclear capability, and just pretending to fight in Afghanistan.

Still hanging over our collective heads is where and how to try KSM and his crew,  and the matter of the 9/11 Victory Mosque at Ground Zero.  Watch for more and keep looking,  because the MSM will not be reporting it.  And no, you’re not a ‘racist’ or an ‘Islamaphobe’ if you feel outrage at your leaders making excuses for terrorists, – or apologizing to them.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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