More State Police Problems Charlie?

Posted August 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

It seems Charlie’s appointment of Colonel Kerry Gilpin 21 months ago to clean up the scandal-plagued State Police failed to root out all of the corruption.  Once again it is the Feds who did it.

Maybe Gilpin didn’t know how much corruption there was.  Or maybe she figured when Pullman retired last September after 30 years, – his baggage would retire with him?  Where the HELL is Maura Healey…?

Healey is too busy raising her national profile by suing Trump and demanding RED FLAG LAWS,  – to be bothered with local matters here where we live…

And it’s beginning to look like Charlie FAKER is up to business as usual, – i.e. declare a problem, – install a new scapegoat, – and get on with his political career….

Suddenly on HIS WATCH we have the RMV DUI scandal,  – and yet another State Police Scandal….

Charlie, what does the the word “Governor” mean to you…?

Charlie,  do you have a way to hold ANY of our State Agencies accountable for doing their jobs, – and not ripping us off?

One Response to “More State Police Problems Charlie?”

  1. integrity 1st

    Wouldn’t you think if the head of the RMV resigned from her incompetency that lead to the death of 7 people, Charlie would immediately jump on what that same person did when she was the head of DCF, where he got her from??? God help those children and families caught up in all this incompetency. They may not end up dead, (though very many did), but their lives are forever ruined!

    TONIGHT, Chronicle glamorized how adoptions from DCF are up and these single women beyond childbearing age, and gay couples are now having their lives fulfilled by children whose parents DCF has deemed unfit. These parents are never convicted, or even charged with a crime, and due process means nothing to DCF or the courts. DCF can just deem them unfit and the parents get a sentence worse than the death penalty. The death of their family, forever. No trial, and gagged from speaking out about it! And Charlie picked the head of DCF to run the RMV . . . Nothing to see here, move along.