More Obamalateral Disarmament

Posted April 27th, 2011 by Iron Mike

The Petraeus – Panetta Two-Step

Wherein Obama continues the calculated dismemberment of our national defense structure and buries a potential presidential candidate.

General David Petraeus is our most-winning general officer of modern time.  He is a shoe-in to become Army Chief of Staff, and then Chairman, Joint Chiefs.  He could run for President in 2012 or 2016.  His record is spotless and he has always placed mission and men first.  He is a true quiet hero.

Obama is about to scuttle his career by naming him as Director of Central Intelligence.

David is a good soldier.  As he did when given the demotion to take over Afghanistan, he’ll say “Yes Sir!” and march forward.

But David is too nice a guy to run the CIA effectively.  Obama knows this.

Worse,  once David is in the CIA hot seat, he stands to take the blame for any Panetta screw-ups that are already working their way through the pipeline.

And, because he is taking an Administration job,  Obama knows this will make Petraeus look tainted – suspect – in Republican eyes, as is Stan McCrystal for having taken the veteran’s advisory position with Michelle Obama and Joe Biden.

My major concern is that West Pointer Petraeus doesn’t come with the devious hard-core mindset required to run an effective world-side intelligence operation.  Just as über-liberal Panetta was a misfit,  this is one job you don’t sent a boy scout to do.

Director Leon ‘Save the Seals’ Panetta has been a dismal failure as Director of Central Intelligence

On his watch the CIA failed to see the Arab uprisings – failed to grasp their scope, failed to have people in place, and failed to warn Obama and the nation.

Panetta’s CIA was caught flat-footed.  Obama didn’t and still doesn’t care.  Panetta’s real mission was to dismantle the CIA, and he was uniquely suited for it.  Leon’s real love is his ‘Save the Seals’ campaign in Monterey Bay. 

Leon has always been more concerned with ‘policy’ than with executing missions.

Now the man who failed to warn the President of the earthquakes shaking the Arab capitols is being moved to Secretary of Defense?  Oh Gawd help us!

Leon’s ‘military experience’ was two years [’64- ‘66] as a 2nd Lieutenant at Fort Ord, California – then just a basic training post.  Although his job title was ‘Intelligence Officer’ – it consisted of reading reports written by others and doing odd staff jobs – because there was no ‘intelligence’ to process. 

This was a draft dodge, pure and simple.  The draftees going through BCT at Fort Ord were doing more soldering in their 8 weeks than Leon did in his two years. 

I expect to see the following activities – in near term – but in no particular order:

–  intensive recruitment of openly gay chaplains to administer to our population of openly gay troops.

–  promotion of the first openly gay and lesbian generals and admirals

–  the appointment of a series of notoriously anti-military and agenda-driven under-secretaries.  Proof of attendance at Woodstock will almost guarantee your appointment.  Drug use, tax problems, arrest record?  No problem!

–  the shuttering of military bases and defense contractors in Republican states.

–  military acquisition to emphasize minority, woman, Muslim, and Black owned business over ‘white’ businesses.  Only plants using union labor will be allowed to bid for contracts.

–  where ‘acceptable’ US vendors don’t exist, acquisitions will be made from overseas vendors.

–  saluting the American Flag will become optional. 

–  at least two aircraft carriers will be mothballed.  Obama will claim this massive cut in our defense budget is ‘…made possible because other nations have recently demonstrated that they can step up and share the global burden’. 

–  several nuclear submarines will be decommissioned, – same reason

–  Panetta will forbid the Navy from using active sonar under any circumstances.  The new generation of ultra-quiet Chinese, North Korean, and Iranian diesel-electric submarines will be able to prowl at will.

–  anti-piracy patrols off Somalia will continue to be a joke.

– Wikileaker Pvt Bradley Manning given a slap on the wrist and an honorable discharge at his former rank.

–  a series of high-visibility court-martials and firings for senior commanders and NCOs who are accused of saying ‘hostile’ or ‘demeaning’ things about gay and lesbian troops, – or who fail to make ‘acceptable special accommodations’ for them.

–  a grotesque failure to conduct a civil relief operation should another major natural disaster like Katrina or the Northridge earthquake occur.  Panetta has never run a major operation of any size.

Americans,  I hope I’m wrong.  But when I see a lifelong left-wing liberal placed in charge of our national defense,  – by a pResident who has repeatedly shown contempt and scorn for our military, – I think we’re seeing disaster in the making.

Who’s laughing?  Obama.  Soros.  UBL.  The Chinese.  The NorKs.  Iran. 

And with the MSM focused on Obama’s ‘new’ birth certificate today, all of this is supposed to escape your notice.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. dannap

    I finally understand why the birth certificate issue is really – or should have been – a non-issue. RR had to beat it into my head, but I get it now. But in reality, it may have been a carefully planned and very sleek issue in that it has distracted so many of us for so long. Thank you IronMike and RR.

    Is there anything at all the common man can do to express concern about Petraeus likely commission to this ill-suited post without dishonoring Petraeus?