More James Comey FBI Lies Revealed Today!

Posted September 27th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Two members of the House Intelligence Committee – Ranking Democrat Member Adam Schiff and California Congressvermin Jackie Speier – BOTH Trump-haters,  – told their witness Roger Stone today that the DNC had – in fact – turned over their server to the FBI.

So who is LYING?
Speier and Schiff? Or James Comey? 
Short video:

It seems that in the excitement of the moment – interviewing a close Trump associate,…that Speier and then Schiff both thoroughly dishonest Democrats – forgot their overall narrative,…and blurted out the truthOops!

In time this will come circling back to the murder of DNC computer guy Seth Rich.

Their mission today was to continue blowing the “RUSSIANS” smoke screen,  – to try to make anti-Trump points out of thin air.

Speier is too far down the totem pole to know any of the details,  – and way too stupid to really understand them.

But Schiff is an ambitious insider – thoroughly corrupt.  He’s been briefed about where not to tread, – and today he blew it.

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  1. Sherox

    Is either dead yet?