More Hillary Hypocrisy: ExxonMobil

Posted October 31st, 2015 by Iron Mike

Once upon a time in far-away Chappaqua,  Global Warming Hillary Clinton lived happily – counting the big money rolling in from anti-Global Warming ExxonMobil.   B-I-G MONEY soothes all kinds of travesties…Clinton ExxonMobil
But then,…ExxonMobil wised up – and stopped paying into the Wicked Witch’s Political Slush Fund.  Now she wants them ‘investigated’.  Sort of reminds you of the Mafia,  doesn’t it…?

If her fake charity “The Clinton Global Initiative” was founded in part to fight man-made global warming, – you would have to assume there was a huge degree of hypocrisy in Hillary taking huge donations from ExxonMobil, – at the same time they were backing groups to fight the myth of man-made global warming.

But she took their money anyway.  After all, – a MILLION BUCKS is money!

Then they stopped…

Clinton's Money Horse

Now she wants [revenge] the Government [which she intends to lead come 20 Jan 2017] to investigate them – saying they lied…?

In all the Western World, – is there any bigger liar than Hillary Clinton?

Hillary’s message to current and potential donors is glaringly simple:


– or when I’m President I’m going to use my Justice Department to tear you a new asshole…”

Filmed Thursday Oct 29th at White Mountains Community College, Berlin, NH

Hillary vengeful shrew

Hey Hillary!  If Exxon was doing something ‘illegal’, 

 – weren’t YOU a PART OF IT?

2 Responses to “More Hillary Hypocrisy: ExxonMobil”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    With the price of oil plummeting to below $50 per barrel, the big oil companies, as they are called by the Dems, have less money to spread around to the Clinton Crime Family. Just yesterday another 7,000 emails released late on Friday by the corrupt Department of State under John, “I served in Viet Nam” Kerry, but those between Hillary and Barry will not be released until after the election.

    Can you say Criminal Conspiracy and Collusion?

  2. Walter Knight

    Follow the money, it’s as good as cash.