More Evasive Answers From Charlie Faker

Posted May 21st, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Left loves this guy so much they won’t put a glove on him!

If you know anything about the ongoing corruption in MassHole,  – this is 11 pukeworthy minutes of fawning left-wing fluff! 

3 Responses to “More Evasive Answers From Charlie Faker”

  1. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    Charlie liberal Baker is very pro Abortion and the Massachusetts tax payers are paying for it.

  2. Vince p

    His response on debating Lively was a dodge and he is scared shit to debate.

  3. integrity 1st

    interesting . . . “His involvement in state committee contests traced to the party’s convention in 2014, when he and other moderates were outraged as a majority of committee members adopted a socially conservative platform. It cited the party’s opposition to abortion, among other affirmations.
    Baker, who is pro-abortion rights and supports gay marriage, distanced himself from the platform …”