More Email Problems For Hillary…..

Posted July 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Crime just runs in some families.   Young Son-in-Law Marc Mezvinsky was an up-and-coming hedge fund manager,…for a little while….
Eaglevale Partners

But things in Greece went bust – then buster still….

On the surface it would seem just another case of a young Wall Street wheeler-dealer reaching too far…and taking his investors down with him….

But some of Hillary’s emails indicate that he was seeking real insider info – on Greece,…where for some lunatic reason he was betting on the EU or Germany or the US saving their lazy socialist asses from bankruptcy…

Greece investment

So now Hillary and her former State Department minions will need to answer questions,  – like,  – did you use State Dept personnel to research Greece on behalf of your son-in-law…?

Did you go so far as to provide classified financial information and / intelligence analysis to Marc – and thus to his company Eaglevale Partners, – and thus to their investors?

Insider trading is illegal,…except for members of Congress….

Son in Law Marc

Back in 2009,  Hillary wanted to use that private server to avoid civilians [us taxpayers],  from looking at her wheeling-dealing and strong-arming foreign leaders for ‘donations’ to her “Clinton World Initiative” – a political slush fund pretending to be a charity.

If she hadn’t tried to be so clever and sneaky – none of this crap would have ever surfaced…..Tangled web

Oh what a tangled web we weave,

– when first we practice to deceive!”

Edward MezvinskyAnd if you haven’t yet connected the dots, Marc’s daddy is Edward Mezvinsky – a 2-term Congressman from Iowa, who was convicted of 31 counts of felony fraud – bilked investors [suckers] out of some $10 Million, and served 5 years in a federal prison camp in Florida.

Between the Mezvinsky criminal genes, and the Clinton Crime Family genes,…

   – Chelsea’s kids will likely die in prison themselves…..

Remember, they finally got Capone for tax evasion

2 Responses to “More Email Problems For Hillary…..”

  1. Hawk1776

    Let’s see. Start a hedge fund. Park it in the Cayman Islands. Attract wealthy Democratic investors who seek favor from Mom and Dad In-Law. Lose 40% of the value of the fund. Pocket a few million bucks for yourself. Move on to the next scheme. Is it any wonder the average person distrusts Wall Street? Eaglevale required a minimum investment of $2,000,000 and to most of the investors it was chump change. Such is life in the Democratic fast lane.

  2. Panther 6

    They are all crooks, and his marriage to Chelsea just enabled him to hook a few wealthy idiots into joining his little hedge fund scheme. Their greed got them what they deserved.