More Communism From Union Teachers

Posted September 19th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Growing up – did you have the kind of teachers who wanted you to succeed,  – or the kind worried about their paychecks, benefits, and tenure…?

Today the union teachers want a test which shows that a student “improved”– but NOT a test which demonstrates they can READ to a minimal required level – to succeed in life.

With an image like the one above – are teachers in the Boston schools teaching a not-so-subtle version of racial division?  And getting paid handsomely for it?

There is the ancient Aesop Fable of the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg.

The farmer gets greedy – doesn’t want to wait for his daily gift.  He kills the goose,  – only to find no horde of golden eggs inside….

So it may come to be for union teachers,  – as even inner city parents grow fed up with their evil racist indoctrination coupled with kids who cannot compete,  – even with immigrant kids from the Third World….

They may be providing both the motivation and the students for private schools and home schooling….

2 Responses to “More Communism From Union Teachers”

  1. Joe

    A lesson in life: go to your nearest dunkin donuts and order a simple coffee. Whatever the price is, round up to the next highest denomination on the dollar side, and round up to the next quarter on the cent side. So if the coffee is $2.33, give the cashier a $5 bill and 2 quarters… most of the time, they put the money in after typing in $5.50. But a lot of times, its like they have a short circuit in the brain and start freaking out! I love it. I do it just for fun sometimes.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    The teachers today are more interested in Critical Race Theory, gender studies, and whether your mask is on properly. Reading, writing and arithmetic seem to get lost in all of the nonsense that they are pushing on the kids.

    The Unions are not advocating for the students, the dedicated teachers are not appreciated. Our good students are being left out.
    Our schools are not educating our children. Very sad!