More BAD Timing Charlie Baker…?

Posted January 19th, 2019 by Iron Mike

First his son was arrested for molesting a young woman on a flight from DC,  – now with a winter blizzard barreling into New England, – Charlie FAKER wants to fight “Climate Change”.

with a new TAX….on the sale of your home….as you move out of this Socialist State… How would you spend that money Charlie – bribing the Weather Gods…?

One Response to “More BAD Timing Charlie Baker…?”

  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    RINO Charlie Baker should be thrown out of the Republican party and have to give all donations back to the people he lied to saying he was a Republican. Kauffman and Polito, Orall, The entire State Gop, Gop State committee should all be thrown out and replaced with true moral and fiscal conservatives. Electing Lyons to be a leader of the state committee is a sick joke. Lyons is anti Trump and always has been. Kauffman is anti Trump and helped get Mitt Romney anti Trump also into the Senate to hurt the President. I also feel Diana Ploss acts like she wants to MAGA but is only riding the Trump Train for her own glory and $$$$$. All this fake bullshit in our state has to stop. Baker is fake and so are all the rest. We the people of Massachusetts who are true conservatives have no representation.