More Bad News For McCain & Clinton?

Posted December 28th, 2017 by Iron Mike

You can almost smell the Borshch simmering on the stove.   House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has issued a subpoena for David Kramer to come and explain exactly how John McCain had an advanced copy of the FusionGPS ‘Golden Showers dossier’ last year….

Will it be revealed that globalist McCain was quietly working with Hillary (who took lots of Russian money in exchange for our Uranium) to neutralize Trump?

If everything seems a bit convoluted, – – (yes it is!) you need to understand the mindset of the closet internationalists both in government and near government.  Kramer has spent 20+ years in a series of consulting and “think-tank” positions – all left-wing,…that espouse a borderless world run by something that looks like the United Nations….

Prior to reading this blog, – did you know that McCain had his own think-tank at Arizona State University…?

I have to wonder if it was McCain who initially approached Hillary with the idea of the ‘Golden Showers Dossier’ – allegedly built around Russian-supplied ‘intelligence’.

Events in DC should start to get exciting in January!

Happy New Year John McCain!

2 Responses to “More Bad News For McCain & Clinton?”

  1. Kojack

    From what I’ve seen of McManiac lately, it looks like God is going end his term sooner rather than later.

  2. Panther 6

    Concur with Kojack; I doubt Senator McCain makes it through 2018. He should have retired or been voted out of office long ago. Frankly in my humble opinion he should never have been voted in the first time. Also he is not quite the hero he was made out to be in my mind.