More ACORN Bullying Tactics

Posted July 22nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Here is ACORN – this time in Chesterfield, Missouri [16 miles due west of St. Louis] – storming a Chase Bank branch – to “renegotiate” the terms of a mortgage.  They had tipped off local TV station KSDK, thus the video record. While the audio is poor – toward the end you can hear the chant “We want a moratorium*”.

The timing was set for the exact moment when OBummer signed the “Wall Street Reform Bill” into law.  And you think we’re not under a coordinated attack?  Don’t expect any Justice Department investigations.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

* Translation:  “We don’t want to pay, we want these mortgages forgiven, we want reparations, we want your wealth spread around”.

One Response to “More ACORN Bullying Tactics”

  1. Rabid Republican

    I know when I go into a business the best way to get results is to bring a loud-hailer and shout my message from the hallway. It makes so much more sense than a reasoned discussion with the business directly. These people are examples of the irresponsible jerks who shouldn’t have gotten a mortgage in the first place. Now, what were they yelling? LOL rr