MoonBats Waiting On The Bench

Posted December 18th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Who WILL Governor Patrick appoint as the interim place-holder if Lurch gets the nod?
Front Runners

Well, ~ he could name ~ Mrs. Lurch, – or one of these three…

Michael Dukakis – 79 twice elected Mass Gov – wonkish über-liberal & failed presidential candidate with an alcoholic wife.  This guy KNOWS how to GROW government!

Michael Capuano – 60 – attorney – űber-liberal congressman from Somerville; – told supporters to ‘get a little bloody‘ [for union rights]…

Victoria Reggie Kennedy – 54 –  attorney – brings name & dynasty!  With nephew JPIII now headed to the House – they could plane-pool.  If she was willing to sleep with Fat Teddy – she’ll do anything!

Then there is the second string…
The Bench Sitters

Failed 2010 candidate AG Martha Coakleywho just lost ANOTHER high-profile court case.

Boston Mayor Mumbles Menino, deathly sick and hard to understand.

Lawrence Mayor [elected crook] Willie Lantigua, knows how to pad a payroll and an expense account.

Former Boston Mayor and Ambassador Ray Flynn, a reliable liberal.

Deval ‘duh-val’ Patrick himself, a man who totally believes government can be financed forever with borrowed money – because the Chinese are stupid? 

BulgerAnd we shouldn’t forget the MassDEM’s all-time favorite Democrat – Billy Bulger!  He knows where all the skeletons are buried – his brother Whitey buried 17 of them!

Aren’t you PROUD of this state?!?!

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