MoonBats Make Lousy Cops!

Posted August 1st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Being a cop or a sheriff means living 24×7 in the world of the ugly, the stupid, and the evil. Being a MoonBat means living in the world of make-believe – always with other peoples’ money. Thus MoonBats are not equipped to be cops. But in MassHole – voters keep electing them anyway. We lose, – and we pay!
Gunplay at Mass Eye & Ear

Yesterday we saw a textbook case of why MoonBats should NOT be in law enforcement, or in corrections. By their very DNA, they are inept, bumbling, and unfocused.

Middlesex County prisoner Raymond Wallace is one very dangerous man.

Raymond WallaceHe was in Middlesex because smaller Essex County couldn’t handle him.

Yesterday he proved that Middlesex can’t either. Now Suffolk County will get their chance – when he’s released from the hospital.

If we can believe their tale, upon arrival at the prestigious Mass Eye & Ear, two of Sheriff Koutoujian’s ‘finest’ began to uncuff Wallace, – who promptly grabbed for Deputy A’s gun. Struggle!  Shot fired into Deputy A’s leg.  Deputy B then plugs Wallace in the chest.


Wallace is a career criminal. In 2001 he was on a robbery spree – got caught at a Waltham farm stand, wrestled a cop for his gun, and was shot – twice – in the chest. He was sentenced to 6 – 10, – got paroled in 2009, – then got re-arrested in 2010.

Folks, with a HISTORY of grabbing guns from cops, his hands should have been bagged before he ever left Treble Cove Road.


Oh, where do we begin? With the ever inept and corrupt Middlesex Sheriff’s Department – filled with political hires – union of course? With the still unexplained SUICIDE in Maine of former corrupt Sheriff James V. DiPaola?Middlesex County Jail

Neither Attorney General Martha Coakley or Auditor Suzanne Bump have ever issued a public report. Neither has the FBI. Under Deval Patrica and Obama/Holder – Democrats don’t investigate other Democrats – PERIOD!

Koutoujian served 14 years in the Mass House from Waltham before Duh-val picked him in Jan 2011 to replace DiPaola. He’s had [and wasted] 2½ years to clean up the mess. SheriffK with O'Malley

But Peter is a born MoonBat.

His daddy was a city clerk, mommy was a teacher. He always wanted one of those good-paying and secure government jobs!

He politics in an expensive suit, shakes hands, smiles warmly, escorts the ArchBishop for a photo-op, promised me a report he never sent, and promptly announced his run to fill Ed Markey’s seat in Congress. Guess he wants that third pension…?

Real SheriffAcross our land – mostly in the South and the West, sheriffs are real sheriffs.

They wear service uniforms, carry handcuffs and guns they can actually shoot, and they know how to make an arrest and transport prisoners.

Their deputies are trustworthy, effective, and steadfast. Citizens respect them and rely on them for law enforcement and help – particularly in rural areas.

Not Massachusetts! Here most deputies are political hires, – union men first, and always thinking about that holy grail – the early disability retirement. One just got started at Mass Eye & Ear….

And the Sheriffs are always looking at their next run for re-election – or for higher office. Peter wants to be a Congressman.Announcement

So he wasn’t going to start any squabbles with his union employees.  Inspections?  Procedures?  Training?  Forgetaboutit!

IF he is elected,…can you imagine what kind of a political slug-in-a-suit Deval Patrick will appoint to replace him?Cabral and Tompkins

When the Governor replaced the inept [and fat] ExecSec for Public Safety MaryBeth Heffernan with the equally inept [and much fatter] Andrea Cabral, he picked Steven W. Tompkins – a man with ZERO LAW ENFORCEMENT BACKGROUND as the new Suffolk Sheriff. People die in the Suffolk Jail all the time. Raymond Wallace should behave himself….

If all of this seems a bit discouraging Folks, – remember that you’re PAYING FOR IT! Today your gasoline tax just went up….and now you know one of the many reasons why.

ONE FINAL NOTE: We have a few decent Sheriffs in Massachusetts – some almost by accident. But operationally they’re handcuffed because of our MoonBat AG Martha Coakley, – and because their budgets must flow through the slimy socialist hands of Deval Patrick.

UPDATE:  Thurs 1 August   Wallace tries to escape AGAIN!
Slipped Restraints

5 Responses to “MoonBats Make Lousy Cops!”

  1. Harry Huckum

    That was a mad bitch slap you did Iron Mike.

    Do you get an adrenaline rush from writing about moonbats?

    Someday when I grow up and want to be able to write like you do.

  2. Walter Knight

    Jacketed hollow points would take care of those shots to the chest.

    Politically correct police chiefs are a national problem. They claim to speak for law enforcement, while the officers on patrol just roll their eyes and say WTF.

    Liberals love to experiment with state prisons, too. They think criminals are being picked on or are discriminated against until it’s too late. What do you call a liberal who’s finally been mugged? A new conservative.

  3. Walter Knight

    If Raymond Wallace dies, I’m buying the pizza.

    Liberals, on the other hand, will light a candle and complain about police brutality. I wish every liberal would have Raymond Wallace living next door.

  4. Varvara

    I’ll bring the beer.

  5. Casey Chapman

    Is it any wonder those 7 or 9 counties in the northern end of Colorado are talking about breaking off and forming Northern Colorado as a state? They have moon bats in their state house that ALMOST make ours look like rookies.