MoonBat Hostility In Chelmsford

Posted October 30th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Liberals” and MoonBats can be a snarly bunch when outnumbered or cornered.  I’ve joked about them often – live and here on RRB.  This afternoon I had an almost surreal encounter with a truly snarly one.  This guy is as foul-mouthed and sick as they come.  I think even Susan Fargo would have been ashamed.  Maybe come 2012 I’ll invest in a tape recorder.

This fellow wouldn’t give his name. I hope one of you readers recognize him.

UPDATE: PottyMouth IDed; Fargo Campaign remains silent.

Over the course of 2 hours he tried to provoke me into starting a fight.  It began with him calling State Senate Republican Candidate Sandi Martinez  ‘anti-Jewish’.  Then he wanted to know about my hat and my military background [if any], since he claims that Susan Fargo is a big supporter of veterans.  Before he was done he was calling me a baby killer.

My conclusions:

Massachusetts liberals are absolutely and totally convinced they are both smarter and more importantly that they are just better people than Republicans.  All their other views flow from this foundation.

They are usually caught off guard when they encounter someone willing and able to argue positions and issues from both a Constitutional and a factual standpoint.  Since neither viewpoints are important to most of them, they’re normally unrehearsed and unready, so…

They quickly fall back on either emotional pleasor name calling.  Today’s moonbat asked  ‘…didn’t I care about the orphans of veterans?’  “…did I even know any veterans?”  [I said “A couple.”]  The name calling followed, along with a goodly mixture of anti-gay slurs. At some point he decided I was a baby killer.

[I’m not ~ sure ~ if he thought I am gay, or if he was just trying to start a street corner fight.  I kept smiling, kept on drumming, laughed at him a few times, and he eventually declared himself ‘the winner’ and moved to another corner.  So often when you meet a man with a dog, the dog is the better person…  I’ve sent an e-mail to the Fargo campaign asking for comment.]

Finally he resorted to the personal attack.  He spent a good 15 minutes telling me what an a..whole and a loser I am.  Then the language got really bad.  I have some former commanders who would be very proud of – and rather amazed at – my restraint.   

In fairness – he may be just another of the lunatic fringe that many campaigns attract.  He was the lone Democrat in the square – which had at least twenty Republicans and “Ella”.  I can’t wait for the Fargo campaign response.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Anybody know this MoonBat?

   6:50 PM One person sent me a clue … I need verification … is he Fargo’s Chief of Staff??

  2:30 PM Sunday – still NO response from Fargo HQ, so I called Susan’s home.  Waiting . . .

UPDATE:  This foul talking pottymouth has been identified as Donald L SirianaState Senator Susan Fargo’s chief-of-staff.

He and his wife Debra [who works for the Carlisle Council on Aging] used to live in Salem, – now live in Westford. For well over an hour he spoke in degrading terms of Jews, Muslims, veterans, gays, lesbians and by name – Richard Tisei and Jamie Eldridge

Twenty-six hours later still no reaction from Fargo or her campaign. Fargo should be ashamed, and voters who have supported her in the past should eschew her this year. 

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