Monday Night Voting In Ipswich

Posted June 27th, 2017 by Iron Mike

In a democratic republic,  both the process of politics and the outcome are routinely messy.  That alone turns off many who should be involved;  – and very few admire either the political process – or the various outcomes.  Last night in Ipswich there was a glimmer of hope.

It was a special election to fill a suddenly empty seat on the Republican State Committee representing First Essex & Middlesex District.  There was a clear winner,  – maybe two.

Maybe it was the so-called “Trump Effect”,  but over 100 Republicans showed up,  – not all eligible to vote, – but clearly interested in the process and the outcome.  That was a very good sign.

The two candidates got three minutes to make their final pitch before voting began.  Observers may note with pleasure that Republican Women are generally much better looking than Democrat Women….

There were 22 Provisional Ballots held – in case the vote was close.  They weren’t needed.

The vote was a resounding Kesterson 48 v Ploss 11….

Now everybody should say a little prayer that Ms. Kesterson will prove a worthy Republican on that RiNO infested State Committee,  and not fall in with the cocktail crowd of do-nothing back-stabbers.  The place is a snake pit which will take another 3 years to clean out.

At RRB we hope Ms. Ploss continues to support President Trump and worthy Republicans statewide.  She has a reputation for boundless energy.  We will need all of it next year.

One of the hardest tasks facing her and all of us going into the 2018 mid-terms,  – is trying to separate the real Republicans from the phonies and the fakes.

Republicans – real ones – here in Massachusetts need to understand that as currently led,  our MassGOP will not present the best and most worthy Republicans as candidates….

In fact,…they actively discourage – then work against anybody who is a genuine Conservative.

Thus we continue to urge you NOT to DONATE any money to the MassGOP.

Instead,  do a little basic research – and donate ONLY those candidates you’ve met,  know,  and trust.   A nice smile doesn’t mean a worthy soul!


And starting right now – find a way to get involved!

Who was the 2nd Winner?    We ALL were! 

Voters in First Essex & Middlesex bothered to look into the FACTS,  – to evaluate the candidates on their merits,  – and come out on a beautiful summer night to vote. 

There is still a heartbeat of Patriotism in our Young Republic!

10 Responses to “Monday Night Voting In Ipswich”

  1. Integrity1st

    This was the ugliest race I have ever seen, and not so much from the candidates themselves, but from people I know to be on the same side, yet throwing gasoline on an already burning fire – – – against each other and the candidates. Charlie Baker must be ever so happy to see his adversaries pitting themselves against each other to accomplish his goals. Imagine that same energy put toward Keiko, a true traitor, through and through, or better yet, the legislators’ pay raises, or Warren or, or or!

    Pathetic, but at least I will hope that from here forward we go after the ‘real’ bad guys, not the ones who actually go out there to rally for our causes and beliefs. Maybe it’s time someone educate Frank Licata on who “Atty Vincent DeVito, the Massachusetts chairman that was chosen by Trump to lead the state.” He was probably still a Democrat when DeVito had his hand in the corrupted R convention that Marc Fisher successfully sued the GOP for hundreds of thousands of dollars over.

    Or, better yet, maybe it’s time to focus on who Frank Licata is.

    They say the Dems never do this to each other, but wow, we sure eat and attack our own. SO disgusted!

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    The question is: will things change?

    Almost 90% of voters have actively chosen NOT to join the Republican Party, despite the phony “big tent” approach of the MessGOP for the past 12+ years…

    Democrats hold more than 80% of all elected offices at the State House…

  3. Lonnie Brennan

    Oh, and I hope things do change.
    They certainly can’t get much worse that what Hughes/Kaufman/Devito have done to drive down and destroy the party from within…

  4. Meat And Potatoes

    We can hope. Doubtful though. Waiting for them to attack Allen Waters and Diehl soon. Install some idiot from their minions

  5. Kojack

    @Meat and Potatoes – to your point they have started attacking Geoff Diehl(who I plan to volunteer for) already thru someone who calls himself “the real Indian” who I believe is from the MA GOP as he came out of nowhere. He’s been smearing Diehl in solicitation emails.

    In my view Ploss disgraced herself by walking out of a debate to avoid questions even with the assurance from the moderator that attacks would not be allowed.I’m concerned about Ms. Kesterson’s stated support for Tall Deval. Apparently, she doesn’t exactly know what the term RiNO means.

  6. Frank Licata

    Amanda “The Uniter” is a class act and has an excellent track record of accomplishments. She has proven her dedication. That’s great that she won.

    Dianna “The Divider” would’ve been a total disaster, and her poor track record demonstrates that. Former-Cambridge-Democrat-Dianna infiltrated the Trump campaign and did more damage to it than good, as if she was trying to purposely tank the campaign. She pitts people against each other, and if anybody dares questions her she instantly isolates, marginalizes, & riddicules them. She is now attempting to do the same diabolical damage to the MA GOP.

  7. Coach

    Should change the name of this publication from ‘blog’ to ‘flog’ One-sided. Zero fact checks. More out there than meets the eye. Stay tuned… Coach



  8. Integrity1st

    Frank, seek help. You just don’t know when to quit and you have done nothing to persuade any of us that you were any sort of person to be listened to. In fact your past and your behavior are of such that you are perhaps the worst hazard to our party, but are certainly a disgrace in terms of having any integrity Or anything worth listening to you say. Stop it now. The race is over, and your broken record of ugliness is long past being required, desired, or ever being useful or relevant.

    How do you not know or see that? I hope everyone else does!

  9. Amanda

    On a hot summer night, over 70 district Republicans came to vote at the caucus and express their opinion on who they wanted to serve their district. During the campaign, both candidates got multiple opportunities to pitch their ideas to the voters, and answer their questions. It was an awesome exercise in democracy, and one that showed the strength of the Republican presence in our district.

    As I said during the campaign, I believe in a big tent Republican party. I supported Trump, Baker, and all Republicans up and down the ballot, and I will continue to do so. I am also a pro life conservative who believes in small government, encouraging our elected officials to the right whenever possible, and know for certain that the stronger our conservative values and local organization, the better chance we have of getting people elected who share those values.

    In the meantime, as Ronald Reagan said, “my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy,” and he is right. We need to support Republicans, and deal with our disagreements within our party, respectfully. I have done that and will continue to do so as state committeewoman.

  10. Kojack

    @Amanda – I leaned a long time ago that modern democrats are 99% our enemies and RiNO’s like “Tall Deval” Baker are 95% our enemies. Neither represent conservative interests and the Republican-Democrat paradigm hasn’t worked for at least 20 years. The “big tent” theme is a RiNO talking point meant to confuse the republican electorate. So-called “moderate” republicans are anti-conservative and more often than not side with the advocates of socialism, illegal immigration and big government, the democrats. It is the RiNO’s(mostly in the MA GOP) who torpedo the precious few conservative republican candidates in the primaries which effectively hands the general election to the dems.

    I don’t live in your district but it is important that you and other elected republicans understand this.