Mon Dieu! Paris Is Burning Again!

Posted December 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Emmanuel Macron was busy mocking Trump just 2 days ago; – now nearly 1 million people are out rioting in his major cities.  Trains aren’t running,  flights are canceled,  and once again the police are out in force.

It seems that after decades of socialism, the unionized French peasants don’t want Macron to tamper with their lucrative pensions.

Joyeux Noël,  Président Macron!


Gee, if only Bernie Sanders could speak French,  – he’d get this little Socialist Kerfuffle straightened out!

2 Responses to “Mon Dieu! Paris Is Burning Again!”

  1. Walter Knight

    A warning. Events happen first in Europe, then America. The French military may remove Macron from office pending a new government.

    How will this end? Modern socialist governments always end the same way. To prevent more violence, socialists in power are usually paid off to retire with their pensions, leaving the next generation to work for a living supporting them.

  2. Kojack

    The young and indoctrinated will continue to advocate for socialism/communism despite the overwhelming evidence that it has NEVER worked anywhere it’s been tried because the PUBLIC INDOCTRINATION SYSTEM HAS SUCCESSFULY KEPT THEM IGNORANT OF HISTORY AND CIVIC RESPONSBILITY AND TAUGHT THEM TO OBEY THE STATE RATHER THAN HOW TO THINK OBJECTIVELY AND CRITICALLY FOR THEMSELVES. They also want FREE STUFF.