Mitt’s Medicare Whiteboard

Posted August 16th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Stark and dramatic”  Mitt uses a whiteboard to destroy Obama’s lies!  Send this to every Senior you know that uses a computer!

2 Responses to “Mitt’s Medicare Whiteboard”

  1. Ryan

    I have a question regarding the money and budgets. I watch Ryan and Romney go after Obama for the $716 billion cut, but watching reports I found out that Ryan’s budget Also takes out a similar amount of money. Does the money go to something else or is it in the budget to account for the Obamacare, and when it gets repealed it goes back in Medicare?
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>——–< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Don't know. Call his office tomorrow [ (202) 225-3031 ] and ask them. Let us know.

  2. Ryan

    In a Politico article Ryan said the reason the 700billion is taken out of his budget as well is because of Obamacare passing and going to go into effect. With OC passing the cut is automatic, so Ryan is forced to work with the cut and still make his budget work. Romney and Ryan aren’t mentioning the cut in their plan because 1) they’re forced 2) and most importantly once elected, getting rid of OC right away means no cut