Mitt’s Girl Is Leaving The MassGOP

Posted November 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The official announcement came – confirming the rumors that the Mouseketeer – Kirsten Hughes – will not seek re-election as MassGOP Chair.  (Translation: Greener Pastures await in the 2020 election year.)

She leaves behind a Republican Party in tatters,  having inflated her résumé at the expense of the long-suffering decent taxpaying citizens of the Commonwealth.   If she was ‘successful’ – it was as a stealth agent of the MassDems!

There are few people that I’ve ever met in 75 years that I came to loathe more than this lipstick-covered back-stabbing pig.

Since she stormed in (sponsored by Chocolate Pants) – I have yet to hear her utter a single Republican sentence.

She supported obvious RiNOs and Fake Republicans – Gabriel Gomez,  Brian Herr,  Muffy,  and of course Charlie FAKER.

She ran two (2) MassGOP Conventions where corrupt voting resulted in two (2) massive lawsuits against her and the MassGOP. She lost BOTH, and the MassGOP had to PAY, – meaning that money wasn’t available for down-ballot candidates.

Hughes doesn’t care; – Baker got elected – then re-elected, – and to some in politics (Weld / Romney / the Bushs) she looks like a winning operative.

Certainly The Squaw and the Ice Cream Man never faced a real united state-wide threat. Nice going – Traitor!

I tried to find her some appropriate traveling music:

You fooled some people Kirsten,  – but most of us saw right through you….

Now we must wait – to see if the RiNO-riddled MassGOP State Committee (40 men + 40 Women) will have the brains and the courage to elect a REAL Republican to replace this bimbo.

The Candidate needs to be free to travel to all corners of this state – in 2019,  – to get ready for 2020. Ed Markey is up for re-election then – we’ll need a VERY STRONG candidate backed by a STRONG MassGOP to finally retire him.

One Response to “Mitt’s Girl Is Leaving The MassGOP”

  1. Vic

    Think she’s off to Salt Lake City? You better warn the GOP there.


    They won’t care – they JUST ELECTED ROMNEY to the US Senate….