Mitt Romney’s Long Lonely Trip Home

Posted November 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Maybe he thought he could genuflect, – and all would be forgiven. Maybe he thought he is still an ‘important Republican‘…
Maybe he believed the rumors….that he was under consideration for SecState – i.e. the #3 position in the Trump Administration…  His body language upon leaving told how crushing an hour of reality can be…..

All things considered,  Mitt’s résumé is a tad thin for SecState…


He graduated Harvard Law, but never took the Bar, and never practiced.

As founder of Bain Capital he undertook a failed 1994 senate run against a well-entrenched Ted Kennedy.

After saving the Salt Lake City winter Olympics,  Romney entered the 2002 governor’s race in Massachusetts.   He pushed Acting Governor Jane Swift aside,  – overcame residency challenges and defeated State Treasurer Shannon O’Brien.


But he quickly got a fat head and departed 4 years later, (planning for his 2008 presidential run) leaving his LtGov Kerry “Muffy” Healey to lose to Deval Patrick.  Since 2006, Romney has essentially abandoned Massachusetts. John McCain was the RiNO who led the Republicans against Obama in 2008. Mitt was a non-factor.

And in 2012 arrogant Mitt totally underestimated the power of the media – as he debated Obama – and surrendered any chance to capitalize on the recent Benghazi Massacre to CNN’s Candy Crowley. 

For Patriots it was a heartbreaking moment.


Romney didn’t run this year.  Perhaps he thought his buddy Jeb Bush would give him an important stepping-stone job….

But Jeb could never draw a crowd.  So Romney became the Anti-Trump leader,…literally forming a Never-Trump movement.


Did he think all was forgiven yesterday?

Of course neither Trump or Pence would say anything to pour salt into open wounds.  They didn’t have to.  If all they did is seek Mitt’s advice about various cabinet picks,  – ask for his recommendations,  – and never ask him what he’d like to do,  – the dagger was thrust in deeply….


Romney may have been asked about ambassadorial posts he would be comfortable in’  – Russia, China, Japan, India, or Egypt.  Those are key positions where a lightweight cannot be sent,…but if no solid offer was extended,….Romney may have left totally empty handed!

The rest of America may not appreciate the rancor and the disdain.

But we in Massachusetts – who have lived through 8 years of Deval Patrick,  – and 8 years of Barack Obama,  – only to watch Romney hold open doors this year for Hillary,….

.we are enjoying the view of know-it-all Romney being publicly humiliated,  – forced to apologize and beg for a job,  – and not automatically get one.


Hey Mitt,…have you spoken with Muffy lately…?

5 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s Long Lonely Trip Home”

  1. Ron Motta

    Both “Mitt” & Obama look like male suit models….which should have been as far as they should have gone. Mitt should never be forgiven for giving us “OBAMA…THE SEQUEL”, but he never learned to bring a gun to a gunfight. As a result, our nation is at the brink! Keep smiling, Mitt, as you slide into total irrelevancy as the “Judas” of the Republican Party!

  2. Robby G.

    This trip from Romney and the meeting surprised me for sure.

    Why would Mitt even want a position within a Trump administration? Mitt was the one who practically began the whole “anyone but Trump” campaign and now he seems like he’s begging for a job?

    I just didn’t expect smitten Mitt of all people to look like the type to beg for a job.

    Also, it’s important to know that Romney has ran for Presidency twice and was nominated once. He really should have won the 2012 race.

    It’s been Mitt’s lifelong dream to be President. His Senate race and Governorship were nothing more than ladder climbs to stuff his resume to run for President.

    Assuming Mitt was offered a job, and assuming Trump wins reelection in 4 years, Romney will be 77 years old in 2024. Too old to try to run for Presidency again. If I were Mitt, I would staying home and enjoying the rest of my life with his bags of cash, instead of reluctantly trying to stay relevant by accepting a job that everybody knows he doesn’t really want.

  3. Panther 6

    I am not totally down on Romney but he deserved what he got here. He could still make a contribution on a key ambassador job. We will see. His treatment of Trump will be hard for the Trumpster to ignore.

  4. Hawk1776

    >His treatment of Trump will be hard for the Trumpster to ignore

    I don’t think so. These people are remarkably thick skinned (Obama not withstanding). I think it comes down to two things 1) does the candidate have the requisite skills for the job and 2) can Trump trust him/her? All the other stuff is just extraneous bull crap.

  5. Walter Knight

    Romney calls Trump a racist on TV and expects to be given the most important appointment of Secretary of State? Hopefully this means Romney is finally FIRED from GOP politics.