Mitt Romney’s Dirty Ukrainian Baggage…

Posted October 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

When you hear Willard Mitt Romney speaking out against Trump, – try to remember back in 2016 – when he desperately wanted to be Trump’s Secretary of State!

And remember before that – in early 2016,  when Willard came riding out of Utah to lead the Never-Trump RiNOs and Fake Republicans – in their attempt to bury Trump. 

There has been so much failure and disappointment in Willard’s life – you’d think he’d keep a lower profile.  But alas,…that giant ego….and that smug arrogance….

Mitt was Governor here in MassHole [RomneyCare] – but left to run for president – leaving Muffy to run for governor – only to lose to Deval Patrick.

In 2012 RiNO Romney ran for President – only to surrender to CNN’s Candy Crowley on live national TV. 

In his arrogance – he came unprepared and unsure of his facts about Benghazi, – and Obama got a 2nd term.

But still thinking he was America’s Great White Hope – in 2016 he came charging out of the Utah Hills as the Great Trump Slayer….

Soon enough Mitt was coming to beg for the job of Secretary of State – despite his lack of overseas experience….  Trump toyed with him, humiliating him in public.

Now in 2019 – as the Junior Senator from Utah,  Mitt takes near-daily opportunity to criticize Trump – on every issue possible.  He’ll gladly vote for impeachment.

But,…there is this tangled web of old advisors – which include Joseph Cofer Black, – former CIA, – former BlackWater, – and still sitting on the boards of the Baltic International Bank – and Burisma (that Ukrainian gas company where Hunter Biden was ALSO a ‘Board Member’…

You see,  Joseph Cofer Black was Romney’s 2011 Foreign Policy Advisor…and he worked at the CIA with “Whistleblower One”

What are the chances these are all ‘just coincidences’?

Do you think there ~ might ~ be an anti-Trump group festering within the CIA….the CIA recently run by John Brennan during Obama’s final 4 years…?

It’s getting really hard to know who is a Patriot and who is DIRTY in Washington…

Socialists, globalists, Democrats, RiNOs, crooks, and GIANT EGOs all stacked against Trump.

Folks,…pray that God gives him and his family strength! 

3 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s Dirty Ukrainian Baggage…”

  1. panther 6

    Not that my opinion matters much but Mill has been a disappointment to me since he ran for President. For a staunch Mormon I am surprised at many of his statements and in particular for the venom he can spew at our President. Better he said nothing in most cases.

  2. Ben

    One thing for sure that we have uncovered since Mr. Trump became our president is that the rest of these hipacrits are just in for the glory and or the money. They just have to feed their egos. they certainly not looking out for us.They disgusting.

  3. Sherox

    I agree with the statement “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” A dog is loyal, but in politics, there is no loyalty except to one’s self.