Mitt Romney: On Hezbollah & ‘Blind Trusts’

Posted January 29th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Vintage Mitt – 2008 & 1994 – betrays ignorance of terrorist group Hezbollah – and tells us the truth about ‘blind trusts’:

2008 – Mitt’s FIRST presidential run – he PRAISES Hezbollah for their medical delivery services in Lebanon, and in the next breath suggests that it must be ‘Moderate Muslims’ who reject violent extremists.

1994 – Mitt is running for the US Senate against Ted Kennedy; – scoffs at the notion of a ‘Blind Trust’. Calls it an ‘age old ruse’…‘you always give it rules…’.

Remember Romneyites – if Mitt is the nominee, you’ll be seeing these vintage snippets ad nauseam all September and October. And of course there are more…

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