Mister Obama, You Have Failed:

Posted January 9th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Mister Obama, you are failing to “well and faithfully execute the duties” of the office you hold.  As a result we are in mortal danger because of your ineptitude,  your twisted logic,  your anti-America bias,  and your preoccupation with socialism.  Our fawning MSM may have ignored this, but al Qaeda was watching every stupid move.  

Many of us saw the truth during 2008, and we called you an international socialist and an Islamist.  Your left-wing supporters brushed us off as “racists”.   Day by day throughout 2009 you have proven us right. 

Many of us understood that you are a featherweight when you picked the  feckless village idiot  as your running mate.  Then you appointed Eric Holder – a bitter anti-white racist to be Attorney General,  and Janet Napolitano –an unqualified pro-illegal immigration lesbian to lead Homeland Security.  Leon “Save the Seals” Panetta is totally unqualified to run CIA.   You promised to close Gitmo and bring terrorists to trial here in the USA – and granted them the same rights as American citizens.  You demanded terrorists caught out of uniform on foreign battlefields be Mirandized.  You re-focused critical CIA and NRO assets to looking at icebergs.  Suddenly carbon was a greater danger to America than Islamofascism.  You changed the words, – refusing to use the word ‘war’ or ‘terrorists’. 

You gathered a flock of agenda-driven kooks, many with slimy and even criminal records around you, and called them Czars.  Most are avowed socialists, some communists.  If these are your trusted inner circle, – you have confirmed our worst fears:  you live in a darkly twisted world

Your narcissistic speech-a-day presidency has become a joke.  When you weren’t flying around in your new toy apologizing to the world for “America’s arrogance”, – you were looking in the mirror,  or at your picture in glossy magazines.  You have been all image, – devoid of thinking or substance.  Even your supporters noticed.  So did al Qaeda, North Korea, Iran, China, and Hugo Chavez.

1 June:  An American born Black Muslim convert – 23 year old Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad shoots at two young soldiers in Little Rock, killing Pvt William Long.  You hardly notice. 

  June:  FBI agents begin reading Miranda rights to captured terrorists – thus conferring on non-citizens the rights of US citizens.  By who’s order Barrack? 

 5 November:  You are giving yet another speech when American born Major Hasan commits murder and treason by shooting 31 soldiers, killing 13 of them.  You give a “shout out” to someone in the crowd [you got his honors wrong] before you mention the murders, – and promptly call upon us “not to jump to conclusions”.   We quickly jump to conclusions about you!

 13 November:  Anti-American US Attorney General Eric Holder announces that KSM and his 9/11 planning cell – who murdered nearly 3000 people, will face civilian trial – complete with batteries of ACLU attorneys and millions of dollars in security costs – in NYC – just a block away from where the twin towers stood?   You are throwing this in our face – why?  Because you are just so much smarter than Bush, right?

 30 November:  three navy SEALs face assault charges and court martial for allegedly roughing up captured al Qaeda terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed.  The Navy is using Abed’s statement as the basis of the charges? 

 1 December:  After dawdling four months to make a simple decision, you found it necessary to use the USMA Cadets as backdrop for your Afghan surge speech – in which you announce our withdrawal date.  Cadets were dozing off.  So was al Qaeda. 

Christmas Day:  You and your entire cabinet can barely be botherd to react when 23 year old Black African Muslim Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab – educated in London, trained in Yemin, and ON THE BRITISH NO ENTRY LIST – comes within a second of blowing up 300 souls on Northwest 253.  Your skunk-striped DHS lesbian says “the system worked”.   In a word – bullshit!  Then in an act of utter contempt you order him tried in civilian court and let him lawyer up?  It is no longer racist to ask:  whose side are you on? 

30 December:  A Jordanian doctor pretending to be a double agent with info on UBL enters a compound in Khost, Afghanistan, blows himself to martyrdom,  killing seven CIA employees. 

Barrack, whatever you used to think your legacy would be, – these four terrorists – two home-grown – have revealed you forever as the president who totally botched his first and most primary duty – to protect us from all enemies, foreign or domestic.  Aided and abetted by your blatant ignoring of the realities of this war,  and by your tunnel-vision pursuit of American Socialism,  – they have turned you into a toothless lame duck.  They have a couple of words for you in the Arab world, and they don’t mean Messiah.  They are Khaal and abd.  So while many of us relish your discomfiture,  we are all in far more peril because you are so inept and yet still remain so arrogant.

You see, that old carrot and stick stuff doesn’t work – when nobody wants your carrots,  and nobody respects your stick.  You look more like a scarecrow than a credible threat.   And scarecrows have no friends.   By trying terrorists in civilian court – you have dried up the cooperation of allies who were glad to work with George Bush.  Even our closest friends no longer trust either your motives or your judgment.  Neither do a growing chorus of Americans. 

By staying on vacation,  you flunked the 3 AM call test! 

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Bryan Therieau

    Iron Mike,
    Love your blog site. Trying to start one myself. The newspaper I write for won’t use any of the columns I write which are anti-Obama, anti-Soros or anti-current regime. So, I wanted to blog my articles and am starting to learn about setting up a site. Do you have any ideas/tips? Anything would be appreciated. My day job is in law enforcement down here in FLA, so I will be setting up my blog at night when I get home. Thank you for your time and thank you for your honesty in your blog. Funny, the current socialistic/communistic Obama regime can’t deny any of the facts being brought up about his…advisors/leadership.
    Angry Americans can’t wait to vote…I am one of them.
    Libertarian, Eagle Scout,
    Bryan Therieau